Are the emotions you're experiencing & the thoughts you're thinking yours? Or from someone else?

Melanie Palmietto, LMHC on Aug 08, 2022 in Mood and Feelings

We can pick up the energy, emotions, and projections of other people and claim them as our own. To detangle what is ours and what is from others is an opportunity to build on our intuitive muscle and self-trust.

You may have had a talk with a friend or loved one where you entered the conversation with enthusiasm, with your own set of emotions and thoughts. Maybe during that conversation, you were met with judgement, doubt, or the person projected onto you how they were feeling. After that conversation, you found yourself no longer feeling your original enthusiasm, and your emotions on the matter changed. You may have taken on the messages, emotions, and energy of that person. This can happen through the exchange of words, an energetic exchange, or valuing the other person's judgment and opinion over your own.

Let’s say the person you spoke with doesn’t agree with a decision you are making, but you’re excited about the decision and feel aligned to it.

You may start to question yourself after the person you’re speaking to doubts your decision. Perhaps for this person, they could never imagine themselves in the decision you are presenting to them, so they are speaking to you from that perspective. They are projecting onto you, and you may start to take on the thought process of that person.

You may receive what they are saying as the truth especially if you don’t trust your own judgment.

Society also plays a huge part in the expectations and judgments we place on ourselves.

Practice coming back to what YOU are feeling. This is truly a practice. If you have not been taught to trust yourself but have been taught to outsource your decisions, this is an opportunity to build that intuitive muscle.

How do I feel? What do I think? Take what might feel like a risk and trust your own intuitive judgment. You have infinite wisdom within you, and your intuition is your compass. Come back to yourself. The more you practice this and listen to your body and intuition, the clearer it will become.

Melanie Palmietto is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in New Jersey, NJ.

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