Why Teletherapy is here to Stay

Ashley Neuhauser, LPC, NBCC on Jun 14, 2021 in Treatment Orientation

Everyone is ready to get back to normal, and for some, that means resuming in-person therapy services. If you are one of those people, you may already know that holding physical space is important. For others, there are many benefits to remaining in online therapy. Here are some reasons that you may want to talk with your therapist about if teletherapy will be around to stay!

1. You may be more comfortable getting therapy from your home.

We all want to provide a cozy, comforting environment in therapy. I like to have clients feel good about the space and be relaxed when they are in the office with me, but even with the attention we give to an office, it is still just that- an office. Online therapy means you get to find a comforting spot, wear comfortable clothes, and join therapy with the coffee or tea of your choice. You may even have a pet that joins you and allows you to relax even more in the session. Being comfortable will allow you to open up and feel safe during therapy.

2. More Flexibility in Scheduling

Online therapy allows flexibility for both you and your therapist. If you want to squeeze in your sessions during a lunch break at work, you get to opt out of a commute. Traveling to a therapy office, especially if you are from a rural part of Alabama, may take up time that you do not have to spare. Meeting online means you need little time to get there (literally, just a few clicks away!). Also, therapists that offer online therapy may be more likely to host weekend and evening hours.

3. May Decrease Cost

Let's face it, moving to online platforms may help you save money. Online platforms are much more cost effective for your therapist than office spaces. If a therapist exists in the virtual world, they may offer a lower average rate than a full time, in person session. Affordable therapy is important, and the online platform may allow you to get great therapy without breaking the bank.

4. Still Effective

Although it may be more cost effective, let go of the idea that "you get what you pay for." Research really does show the impact of online/teletherapy is effective and works! A therapist that is comfortable with the online world will be able to engage you and build a therapeutic relationship, similar to the tradition in person sessions. There are some instances where in-person is the best course of treatment, but many situations allow for online therapy to be effective and helpful. Finding the right therapist and having open conversations about if online therapy is right for you is the key in being secure that it will work well for you.

Overall, there are many things that I am sure we will be happy to leave behind as we make our way further into 2021. I want to encourage you to consider the benefits of online therapy and consider the importance of this platform remaining. Mental health matters, and I hope to see an increase of access with this great tool.

Ashley Neuhauser is a Counselor in Northport, AL.

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