“Swoon” Show Notes: Episode #17 – Let's Talk About Sex: Sex Education We Wish Everyone Knew

Jeff Guenther, MS, LPC on Jul 07, 2019 in Swoon

When beginning this podcast, one of your host's greatest hopes was to dispel misinformation about sex and get some accurate sexual health and pleasure information out into the world. Listen in and learn some of the most important facts about sexuality we wish more people knew.

This episode covers:

  • Things we wish everyone knew about sexuality, sexual health, and pleasure
  • How many people feel sex is a mystery because they had no sexual education
  • Porn is not sex ed
  • What we wish people knew about lube (and how important it is)
  • How useful it is to know your way around a vibrator and/or a clitoris
  • How extremely common erectile dysfunction is
  • How to talk about consent in order to have fulfilling sexual connections

      Quotes from the episode

      "Almost no one gets quality sexual education. A lot of people get abstinence-only or no sex education. Or fear-based sex education which is all about things to avoid instead of things to enjoy... just be afraid of sex. Don't do it. And almost all the sex ed if anyone does get it is about straight intercourse and reproduction- never is it about creativity, joy, or pleasure or consent... and never is it about communication- it's all body-based. So we needed to do a podcast to undo a whole bunch of that."

      "Porn has a great place for arousal and as entertainment but when we use it as education sometimes people don't realize a lot of porn is acting. It's fantasy and we can't use it as a template for a relationship in real life."

      "If you're wanting to learn about pleasing a partner, porn isn't the best place to do that because porn is about pleasing the viewer."

      "You can mess around with vibrators all over the place."

      "You are entitled to your desires and pleasures no matter how surprising or unusual they may seem."

      "Masturbation is an essential life skill."

                                Resources Shared in This Episode


                                Come As You Are - Emily Nagoski

                                What Makes a Baby - Cory Silverberg

                                Becoming Cliterate - Laurie Mintz

                                The Whole Lesbian Sex Book - Felice Newman

                                The Guide to Getting it On - Paul Joannides

                                She Comes First - Ian Kerner


                                Planned Parenthood Sexual Health Information

                                Good Vibrations Videos

                                OMG Yes


                                She Bop Events

                                Center for Sex Positive Culture

                                Action Steps from the Podcast

                                Take a class, workshop, or read one of the books or resources we've listed here. Really, invest time and energy into learning about sex- there's always something new to know!

                                  Your Swoon hosts

                                  Gina Senarighi, MS, MA, CPC is a sexuality counselor and communication consultant specializing in healthy boundaries, passionate relationships, jealousy, and infidelity. She supports non-traditional couples all over the world as a retreat leader and certified relationship coach.
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                                  Julie Jeske, LPC is a sex and relationship counselor. She has a private practice where she helps clients increase intimacy, ignite passion and deepen their connection to themselves and others. Julie especially loves to help women discover who they are sexually. Through counseling, online classes, or in-person retreats; her clients learn how to talk about their sexual and relationship desires, and explore ways to make them a reality.
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                                  Jeff Guenther is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Portland, OR.

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