“Say More About That” Show Notes: Episode #9 – Things I wish my therapist would say to me but never does

Jeff Guenther, MS, LPC on Apr 28, 2019 in Say More About That

Last week, TherapyDen, along with Gaylesta and Bay Area Open Minds, started a petition asking the Psychology Today therapist directory to add a third gender option to their site. We want clients who are filtering for a therapist based on gender to have the ability to filter for therapists that are transgender or non-binary. The petition started on Monday morning. And thanks to the almost 2,000 people who signed it, in less than 48 hours, Psychology Today made the change! How amazing is that! Psychology Today usually ignores these types of requests (believe me, I’ve tried). But we were able to influence them to be more inclusive and we couldn’t be happier. Thanks everyone.

I did, however, receive some upsetting messages from therapists across the country when I created the petition. On today’s episode of Say More About That, I read a couple of them and discuss how I feel about receiving these types of messages.

Things I wish my therapist would say to me but never does

I then go on to discuss a recent comedy article titled, “Things I wish my therapist would say to me but never does”. The article is satire, but I think it shines a light on the secret desires of some clients. I dive into each request by the author and dissect why we don’t tell our clients these things, how we actually do bring these things up in therapy and/or how clients can speak up and ask for their needs to be met in session. I give honest feedback, but the episode is filled with humor and levity.

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Jeff Guenther is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Portland, OR.

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