“Say More About That” Show Notes: Episode #44 – Jeff and Julie talk about codependency and anxious attachment

Jeff Guenther, MS, LPC on Dec 29, 2019 in Say More About That

Today I talk to Julie Berman, LPC about codependency and anxious attachments styles. We break down exactly what it is and how we see it manifest in our clients. We talk about why we love treating folks that struggle with codependency and all the different ways we treat the issue in session. We discuss why anxious folks gravitate towards avoidant people and what attracts them to each other in the first place. Lots of laughs and good times in this episode. 

Learn more about Julie at her website.

Questions and topics I discuss with Heidi in the episode:

  • Let’s define codependency and anxious attachment
  • How does it manifest in people and relationships?
  • Why did we decide to specialize in treating it?
  • Why anxious folks gravitate towards the opposite
  • How do we work with clients that attract partners with personality disorders?
  • How do you make sure you get needs met in a relationship?

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        Jeff Guenther is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Portland, OR.

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