“Say More About That” Show Notes: Episode #23 – Money issues and how to talk about them

Jeff Guenther, MS, LPC on Aug 04, 2019 in Say More About That

Jeff and fellow therapist, Annie Schuessler, discuss one of the hardest things to talk about in therapy sessions: money. We explore why the topic of money is so weird and difficult to bring up with people, especially clients. We try to figure out where all the shame is coming from when attempting to be transparent about money. And we talk about healthier ways to have a relationship with money. Jeff also talks about what he says to clients when they accuse him of only caring about them because they pay. 

Learn more about Annie Schuessler at here website.

This episode covers:

  • Why talking about money issues with clients can be so uncomfortable
  • Messages that we pick up from our families and society about money
  • How to work through money shame with clients
  • How to have a more intimate and healthy relationship with money

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Jeff Guenther is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Portland, OR.

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