Olivia Clear (she/her)

APCC 4851

What if you felt free? If you're struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, grief related to Coronavirus, reach out. Online availability.

Counselor in Oakland, CA
Supervised by Rawna Romero, LMFT #41466

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About My Clients

It's time to awaken your sense of possibility.  You're done ignoring your relationship with yourself! You're ready to claim space for you. You want to stop feeling like you have to sacrifice yourself for work, relationships, & societal norms.  When you tell yourself: I don’t deserve to be happy, I can’t trust my intuition, I have to prove my worth, It’ll be my turn later...you're encouraging a life that doesn't feel ALIVE!

My Background and Approach

It’s time to remember your great sense of possibility. When ignore ourselves, we forget our great capacity for sensing. We fail to acknowledge our sense of wonder. We forget that there’s magic inside. Instead we feel trapped, exhausted, inauthentic, and lost. It’s time to connect with your inner guidance and allow it to help you build the life you dream about.   There are so many ways to build a relationship with yourself, and therapy with me can help you explore them. I became a therapist because therapy helped me to come alive. As a client, I've learned to live a life guided by intuition and creativity. And it's something I'm pretty excited to help you figure out, too. You may explore with art-making, creative ritual, tuning into your body, finding your intuitive voice-we can try them all. When we work together, I'll be tuning into you, deeply listening, and helping you figure out what can make you come alive.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

You're probably wondering who I am? I personally advocate for the Bay Area homeless population, work to educate about and de-stigmatize trauma, and intersectional feminist. I've worked with women deferring incarceration in drug rehab programs, formerly homeless individuals in supportive housing, college students, and many other people with many other identities. I'm also a person with lots of identities. I am an empath, partner, bi person, explorer, white cis-woman, and artist.

At A Glance

  • Experience: 4 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $75 - 185/session


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