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At Creative Now Therapy, you step into a welcoming space where your complexity is explored and respected.

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About My Clients

Getting out of bed to motivate yourself to find a therapist is tedious, we get it. Maybe you're afraid that your problems have nothing to do with the past and that you're just lazy, and unfixable. Or maybe you worry your hopelessness and despair are insurmountable — you're not the kind of person who is able to change. This is an incredibly painful thought to have about yourself, but often that's where we land in our self-talk. Yet, some part of you still yearns to have so much more.

My Background and Approach

As psychotherapists specializing in Somatic, Gestalt, and Creative approaches, we will mindfully guide you through difficult life experiences and feelings. We will tune into your body, beliefs, and patterns to find creative and self-identified ways to expand your ability to manage and express your emotions. We’re with you & we’re here to help you be with You. Creative Now Therapy Welcomes All of You. We feature online therapy and we work with Individuals and Couples across the age, gender, and sexuality spectrum. Additionally, we also specialize in queer couples and intimate friendship couples. We would be happy to answer questions and help you with your insurance plan benefits and coverage. Our therapists are Cris Fort Garcés, she/they, LCAT, Christine Nasol, LCAT, she/her, Lavender Roland Waring they/them, LCAT, and Autumn Potter, she/hers, LCAT. You can read more about us on our webpage,

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

Psychotherapy, what is it? Good question. There are a million answers. We at Creative Now Therapy, see it as a process of learning about yourself more deeply, getting to your core wounds, so you can learn to make different choices and make changes that are right for you. We like to use this metaphor to describe our process: You're living in a dark room, bumping into furniture, you can't even find the door...but imagine if you could turn on the lights, move over to the chair for a sit, or open the windows. Maybe you decide to leave the room entirely to explore others. We want to give you the agency to self-heal with us as your guide. We do not believe in labeling behaviors as healthy or unhealthy. And rather than trying to make a feeling go away or attempting to ‘fix and change you,’ we see your difficult feelings as portals to your growth. Take a chance on yourself. Get in touch with us and schedule your free initial consultation.

I offer online counseling in the following states:

At A Glance

  • Experience: 14 years of practice
  • Languages: Español
  • Rate: $100 - 200/session


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