How To Be a Psychic Therapist (and how I already knew you’d read this article)

Jeff Guenther on Dec 23, 2018

Okay, stick with me until the end of this article because I think you’ll get something from it even if you don’t believe in psychic powers. And if you’re a therapist who has already experienced mystical happenings while talking to a client, welcome, I think a lot of what I’m going to say will resonate with you. And you might learn some cool new tricks. 

Side note: As some of you may know from an article I wrote last year on the same sorta topic, my talented and beautiful wife, Kate, who is a totally un-fun, skeptic, know-it-all, is my copy editor. She doesn’t believe in any of this stuff and she will roll her eyes while editing this post. But she has agreed to edit one “out there” article every year. This is that article. Thanks Kate.

Have you ever had the experience of tapping into something outside of yourself while being a therapist? Something outside of your regular training and analytical mind? Maybe you were able to connect with a client on an intuitive level. Maybe you knew what they were going to bring up that day? Maybe you could see their aura? Or perhaps you were able to tap into someone a client was talking about. Or what about being able to see future predictions? It could be something as basic as just knowing what to say and not really understanding where that knowing is coming from. 

It’s tricky for therapists, isn’t it? Are we able to get in touch with our client’s feelings because we are good therapists that know how to empathize or are we allowing an energetic part of ourselves to really feel what it’s like to experience their emotions? The lines are blurry, which allows us to automatically write off any psychic ability we could be experiencing. Something that I have been practicing lately is just letting myself accept the fact that I am intuitive and tapping into a “knowing” when in session with clients. I want you to do the same thing. And I want you to stop questioning your own psychic abilities. 

I bring this up because of a popular “channel” that I’ve been reading lately. Paul Selig is that channel. Being a channel means that he can tap into his spirit guides and channel information that they want to send to us here on Earth. He and his guides have written six books and all of them are really engaging. His guides are teaching us what the true nature of reality is and how to operate at a higher frequency. Even if you’re a non-believer it’s pretty fascinating stuff. Maybe not fascinating enough for my wife to read so that she can connect with me on a deeper level but whatever, Kate, I don’t really care!

Anyway, I was searching for Paul Selig interviews on YouTube and I came across one that I think all the therapists out there might find pretty cool. If you click on the video below it will start playing at the exact spot where Paul starts to do a psychic reading for the podcast host. Go ahead and watch it for about 6 minutes. It’s short. And it’s fascinating. And I am 100% jealous of his skills and confidence level. But maybe we are already doing what he does and we just don’t call ourselves psychics?

My psychic journey is probably a lot like yours

I had mystical experiences when I was a kid. I saw a lot of ghosts and received messages from spirits. It scared me a lot. My mom, always the rational therapist, would calm me down and tell me that what I was experiencing was not real. I imagine you may have had similar experiences as a kid. Seeing or receiving messages from the beyond, but having an adult discount and diminish them. Thanks mom! I appreciate you stunting my psychic growth! 

When I first started seeing clients at age 25, I feared that I didn’t have enough experience. Because of that, I would sometimes listen to my clients and simultaneously pray I said the right thing. It put me in a mental space that allowed messages outside of myself to be channelled through me. I had tons of experiences saying the right thing or going down the right path with a client that caught me off guard. It felt like I was being guided by something outside of myself. Maybe it was good supervision. But maybe it was something else? As I became a more experienced therapist and learned more about what to say in session and how to see clients through different therapeutic lenses, I started to replace my psychic receptivity with information and analysis that I learned by educating myself. As I moved into my later 20’s, I stopped having the experience of just knowing what to say. 

Soon I’ll be 38. I haven’t taken on new clients for a couple years now. All my clients are long-term clients or old clients coming back for check-ins. While I’m always learning more about how to be a good therapist, my style has become more relaxed. I find that I am more present in the moment and not constantly analyzing and trying to fit my clients into a certain diagnosis or treatment interventions. Because of the shift in intention, I am finding that I’m more open to receiving messages outside of myself. And that brings us to the present moment, where I have been working on developing my claircognizant skills. Claircognizant means that you simply know things about people or the future.

If you’re interested in the 8 “clairs" they are:

  • Clairvoyance. (clear seeing)
  • Claircognizance. (clear knowing)
  • Clairaudience. (clear hearing)
  • Clairempathy. (clear emotional feeling)
  • Clairgustance. (clear tasting)
  • Clairsentience. (clear physical feeling)
  • Clairtangency. (clear touching)
  • Clairsalience. (clear smelling)

As therapists, we are all probably pretty good at clairempethy. But what about the other ones? What skills do you think come naturally to you? Maybe there is one that you want to focus on that could help you become an even better healer.

How to develop your psychic skills

While I’m no expert (yet) when it comes to helping people develop their own intuition or psychic talents, I do have a daily practice that I think could work well for you if you want to explore being more in tune with your higher self or spirit guides. I’ve been noticing a real uptick in my psychic abilities lately and here are my tips:

Stop doubting it - Many of us are trained to ignore or diminish intuitive and psychic abilities. We do it consciously and subconsciously all the time. When something magical or mystical happens to you while you’re talking to a client, stop doubting it. Explore the feeling more. Allow it to come up. Trust the feeling or experience you’re having. If you don’t speak to it in session, at lease write it down afterwards. Tell yourself that you’re open to receiving more experiences and you’ll undoubtedly be able to experience really cool stuff. 

Meditate - I like to meditate when I have free time between clients. When I meditate, I do it with a specific intention to connect with my higher self or a spirit guide. (Yes they are different things.) I ask all other spirits and energies to leave the room so it can just be me and my guide. I then sit there and listen. The whole session could just be me listening and asking for a connection. When you do this, pay attention to how you might be receiving information. Does it come through in a knowing, do you see images, can you hear things or feel things? 

Ask for assistance - When a client comes in and plops down on the couch, take a moment to internally ask for guidance from your higher self or your spirit guide. And then stay open to receiving something the entire session. If you find yourself analyzing and over-thinking while disregarding your intuition, then take a breath and get back in contact with your higher self. 

Tap into other people - When a client is talking about someone close to them, try tapping into the person they are talking about. Visualize who that person is and get in contact with their feelings and emotional experience. I’m starting to get good at this particular skill. When I’m open enough, I can start to know what that person really wants in relationship to my client. It’s a lot like Paul is picking up in this video. Just not as pronounced quite yet. 

Don’t dismiss it - This circles back to my first tip, but it’s the most important one so I’ll say it again. Stop dismissing your psychic abilities! The more you brush them off, the longer it will take to develop them. If you have fear and shame that comes up when you think about developing your psychic abilities, then you should take a closer look at that if you want to grow in this area. 

TherapyDen and psychic therapists

Does signing up for a TherapyDen profile make you more psychic? While I can’t guarantee that you’ll be psychic if you have a profile, I can say that it won’t hurt ;)

TherapyDen doesn’t currently have a search filter that allows clients to search for therapists that are also intuitive or psychic. But if enough therapists and therapy seekers send me a message asking me to include that option, I might be able to convince my business partner that it’s a must have. 

One psychic message that is clearly coming through for you is that you need to sign up for a profile with TherapyDen. You’ll get your first six months free and a ton of good karma points. And if you’re not quite sure about what karma points are, well you’ll just have to trust me that they are super important and you’ll be bummed when you find out you have to reincarnate and spend a whole other lifetime collecting karma points down here on Earth again. And if you want a reason to sign up for TherapyDen that doesn’t have anything to do with developing your spiritual self, then click here to read 100 reasons to sign up for a profile. If number 20 doesn’t convince you, then I don’t know what will :)

Also, if you want to learn more about how to work on connecting with your higher self or practicing your psychic abilities, I highly suggest starting with Paul Selig’s first book.

Jeff Guenther, LPC, is a therapist in Portland, OR. He has been in private practice since 2005. Jeff is the creator and owner of Portland Therapy Center, a highly ranked therapist directory. Jeff, and his team, have launched a new progressive therapist directory, TherapyDen.

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