How to Manifest a Full Client Caseload Using the Law of Attraction

Jeff Guenther on Sep 17, 2017

Disclaimer: This article is meant to be a fun look at how powerful our own thoughts and beliefs can be. The law of attraction has many critics, and with good reason. I really identify with the aspects of the practice, but agree that some tenets of the official law of attraction can be harmful. There can be a danger in replacing action and hard work with simply having positive beliefs and I don’t believe that negative events are a result of a person or group of people not having the right belief system.  

Warning: I am about to get real woo woo on you. This is a total 180 degree departure from what my blog posts are usually about. If you’ve been following TherapyDen, you know I love to obsess over data on how therapists can use traditional and cutting-edge marketing ideas in order to attract the right clients. I take my data, experience and best practice research and use it to inform my articles. However, this article is not about using marketing know-how to attract your ideal clients. This article is about how to manifest a full client load using the power of your thoughts. If you think this sorta thing is totally bogus and a big sham, I get it. You can skip this article and read all my past and future articles. But if you’re into it, or if you’re at least a little intrigued, I invite you to read on and see if you can access this powerful process that’s worked for me! Although you might find it a bit hokey, I believe that in part, my interpretation of the law of attraction has helped me have a full caseload with a waiting list for over 10 years now.

If you just want to get down to the brass tacks and you don’t want to know how I learned about the law of attraction or details about how it works, scroll all the way down to the last section of the article under the sub-heading, “How to use the law of attraction to manifest a full client load.”

Side note: My wife is a copy editor and writer. She edits and proofreads all my blogs. She does not believe in manifesting things with your thoughts or past lives or spirits or the power of positive beliefs or anything of the sort. Kate, I apologize for making you edit something that you think is totally silly. I love you and you do a great job editing all my writing. Feel free to roll your eyes while working on this blog. I owe you one. 

A quick background on how I got my super powers

Waaaay back in 2003 when I was 22 years old and living Los Angeles, I got really into learning about past lives. I can’t remember what sparked my interest, but I am sure it was developmentally appropriate. I ended up reading the book Many Lives Many Masters about a million times. From there I started exploring other books in my favorite metaphysical book store, Bodhi Tree Bookstore, where I spent way too many hours sitting in the aisles and gathering as much information as I possibly could. (I just googled the bookstore to add a link to their website and I found out that the store has closed and my heart is completely broken). I must have purchased over 100 books from the store. I focused on how to become enlightened while also becoming very interested in channeled material. Because what 22 year old doesn’t want to truly wake up and talk to spirits, am I right?

I could list a ton of books that helped me understand how to focus my thoughts on manifesting my desires, but I’ll skip that for now. If you’re interested, click here and I’ll email you a list of the best books to get started and eventually become an expert. And no, The Secret is not on the list. I got into this stuff long before The Secret and Oprah ruined it for everyone. Don’t get me started!

Anyway, as you’ll find out on my book list, a couple of my favorite authors are Jane Roberts and Esther Hicks. Both of them go into a trance state and channel a spirit friend to talk through them. I resonated with this style because it always seemed like the best way to learn about the true laws of the universe. I don’t want to learn from a basic human being. I only want the unfiltered and honest material coming from a spirit who isn’t encumbered by the human existence. 

After reading all of their books, and there are a lot, I was convinced that our reality is 100% formed by our thoughts and beliefs. I am not here to convince you of this fact. If you want to be convinced, download the book list. Instead, I want to spend my time telling you what has worked for me, using techniques I learned while studying this material and later implementing it. 

How the law of attraction works

If you are still with me at this point, I probably don’t have to explain to you how the law of attraction works because you’re probably already into it. But I’ll go over some basics just to be sure we’re all on the same page here. 

The law of attraction is about deliberately focusing your thoughts on a specific thing, whether that be a new car, a relationship or a full client caseload, in such a manner that “attracts” or manifests the thing into your life. Got it? It’s pretty simple. Nothing too complicated about the concept. 

You might be saying to yourself, “But I do this all the time and I don’t get everything that I think about!” Yeah, actually you do. Probably the most important part of this whole thing is exactly how you think about your objects of desire. 

Let’s say you want your sister to stop criticizing you and cutting down all your opinions. If you wanted to manifest a better relationship with your sis, you should focus with positive and optimistic thoughts on the desire of fun, healthy and supportive communication. But instead, most people in this situation focus on all the nasty things their sister has said, and probably will say, every time you have a conversation. Well there you go. You’re attracting a negative and antagonistic dynamic with your sister. 

Or maybe you want more money in your life and you’re always thinking about how to make this happen. If we are strictly following the laws of attraction and you still don’t have the money you’d like, the reason this is happening is because you’re probably focusing on the lack of money you have more often than the abundance of money you desire. 

Are you starting to get it? The universe is annoyingly literal about everything. It’s basically just hanging out waiting to hear about what you’d like to manifest and create in your life. If you’re constantly sending up thoughts about all the things you lack or hate or are sad about missing out on, the universe is receiving that message and thinking, “Okay, the deal we have with all these humans is that we’re going to help them get whatever they focus their thoughts on. This person is choosing to focus their thoughts on everything they don’t have enough of in their life. So I guess they want to continue to experience not having enough. I’ll go ahead and make sure their reality matches that by making sure they continue to not get what they want.” 

4 easy steps to manifestation

I am going to break it down for you. If you follow these four steps, it’ll work every time. These steps are really easy to understand but difficult to master. Although maybe I shouldn’t be thinking that way, right??

  1. Ask for what you want
  2. Let the universe round everything up for you (which actually isn’t your job at all)
  3. Create the mental and emotional environment that allows the thing to show up in your life
  4. Enjoy and appreciate it

Step one is super easy. We are desire making machines and are constantly asking for things. We’re probably pros at this step right out of the womb. All you have to do is look at your life and ask for what you want. In my opinion this works best if you’re deliberate about it. So I might say to myself, “I’d like $1,000 to come to me in an unexpected and easy way.” I’ll think about it for a minute or so and I’ll revisit this desire a handful of times through out the day. Step one complete. 

Step two is pretty great because it’s the universe’s job to rearrange the whole world so that your object of desire has the ability to enter into your reality. And this really makes sense, doesn’t it? As puny little human beings we’d have an awfully difficult time rearranging everything around us to fit our desires perfectly. I say let the universe do all the heavy lifting and figure out exactly how $1,000 is supposed to fall neatly and unexpectedly into my lap. Step two complete.

Step three is where most people fail or get stuck. You gotta realize that the universe has done it’s job and is just waiting for you to allow it into your life. But you need to emotionally and mentally get to the place where you can really receive it. For me, this comes down to a belief system. Am I really going to believe that $1,000 is going to come out of nowhere? It’s easy to be skeptical about it. “Money doesn’t just fall from the sky! I gotta earn it! Why should I be so special to receive $1,000 without doing any work? There are millions of people that could benefit from it more than me. It’s never happened to me before, why would it happen now?”

That sort of thinking will never allow $1,000 to fall into my lap. It’s helpful to visualize your desire as a puzzle piece that the universe is holding for you. You need to create a corresponding puzzle piece that can fit perfectly. You have to carve out the puzzle piece with a positive belief system. It works best if you use beliefs that are already a part of your core belief system. So if my parents always told me that money comes to those who work hard for it, and that turned out to be a core belief of mine, then I should believe something like, “I am a hard worker and I deserve to be rewarded with some unexpected income. I help my clients reach their goals. I help therapists start their private practices. I worked from nothing all the way to something! I do tons for my community without asking for compensation. Through my dedicated and hard work, I give away enormous amounts of tips and free content to therapists around the world in order to help them find success. I deserve $1,000 to fall into my lap because I work hard all the time!”

Even though that all might be true and my parents did try to hammer home a strong work ethic, that’s not exactly what my belief system is all about. Step three for me would sound something like, “Money is just energy moving in and out of my life. Sometimes it flows in a lot and other times it slows down. It doesn’t seems like it has much to do with how hard I work. It feels like it has to do with synchronicity, being in the right place at the right time and working smarter, not harder. I can think of many experiences where money has fallen into my lap unexpectedly. There is absolutely no reason I won’t get this money. In fact, I look forward to it and can’t wait to spend it on a ridiculously priced iPhone X.”

Step four is my favorite and should be yours as well. True story, a couple weeks ago my property manager asked me if they could use my reserved parking spaces to paint the building that sits right next to the spaces. They told me they would pay me $9 per parking space, per day. That came out to $90. I said they could have each parking space for $100 per day. They agreed and I got $1,000 in my pocket in an unexpected way. Now I can take that thousand bucks and buy an overpriced iPhone! The only thing left to do is appreciate, show gratitude and enjoy it. Easy enough. 

How to use the law of attraction to manifest a full client load

Finally! We get to the reason you started reading this blog. Let’s focus on how you can use the four steps of the law of attraction to fill up your caseload.

Step 1: Ask

In order to attract the caseload you want, you’ll need to be specific here. What is a full caseload? Is it filling up all your open slots? Is it having a waiting list of 10 people? Is it hitting a specific monthly revenue goal? For me, it was a caseload of 25 clients with a waiting list of at least 5 people. 

In addition, ask yourself what feelings you’ll want to feel when you’re all filled up. Do you want to feel proud, productive, satisfied, overwhelmed, excited, anxious, appreciative or fulfilled? Maybe all of the above? Include the desired feeling(s) with the amount of clients or income that you’re desiring. 

Sit down and meditate on this specific desire. Clearly ask for what you want while also visualizing what it will look and feel like when you have it. Think about what it will be like to look at your full calendar with all the new client names. Think about how long it’ll take you to write up your case notes. Drum up the feeling of how satisfied you’ll be at the end of a full day seeing clients. Picture all the clients that will walk in and out of your office. Hear all the different conversations that will be happening in your office. Focus on the excitement you get when you receive a new client inquiry over the phone or by email. Really focus on all five of your senses and how they’ll individually experience a full caseload. 

Step 2: Let the universe do it’s job

Again, not much for you to do at this step. Just feel satisfied knowing that the universe is moving things around so that all your future clients will start reaching out to you. I like to sit back and marvel at the power of the universe while also sending out thoughts of gratitude. 

You should also know that it doesn’t take a specific amount of time for the universe to line all these clients up for you. The universe isn’t really beholden to our space time continuum thing. 

Step 3: Allow the desire to manifest

The faster you can mentally and emotionally align yourself with a positive belief system that you can truly get on board with, the quicker your clients will contact you. This step is all about resonating with a belief system that matches the desired outcome. But remember, and I can’t overstate this enough, you MUST BELIEVE IN THE BELIEF SYSTEM!

Deep down, do you think it’s unrealistic to fill up your calendar? Do you struggle with feeling like you deserve all these clients? Subconsciously, are you really scared to take on a full caseload and all the responsibility that comes with it? Would you rather see the handful of clients you have now so that you can have more free time. Would you rather keep your community mental health job that comes with insurance because you don’t want to pay for your own? You need to really dig deep and find out if there are limiting beliefs that are getting in the way. I recommend a good therapist or an honest friend who can help you explore these limiting beliefs. And if you don’t think you have limiting beliefs, yet you’ve been asking for a full caseload, newsflash, you have limiting beliefs. If you didn’t have limiting beliefs, you’d have a full caseload. That’s just how it works. 

Now, what’s a belief system that you can get behind that matches your desired outcome? I’ll name a few and you can see if any of them resonate with you.

  • I believe that if I build it, they will come
  • There are a lot clients in the city that need therapists
  • My specialty is unique and will attract a lot of people
  • I offer a fair price for counseling
  • I have an amazing office location
  • I believe that if you go to school and work hard then everything will fall into place
  • I believe that the universe is looking out for me and will provide me with what I want and need
  • I have implemented multiple marketing strategies that will attract ideal clients
  • I have a private practice coach that has helped me position myself well in the industry
  • My spirit guides will lead an abundance of clients to my office
  • Everything is random and I’ll randomly get all the clients I need
  • Things will build slowly, but they’ll speed up faster than I think
  • After seeing a few clients, they’ll tell their friends and word of mouth will spread

There is really an infinite amount of belief systems. All you have to do is find one or two that you can really get behind so that the universe can deliver your caseload. And notice that some of the belief systems are really practical, such as the one about marketing your practice. That makes perfect sense doesn’t it? If you want, you can credit your marketing ideas for bringing the clients. According to the law of attraction, marketing will only work if you believe in it. There are plenty of therapists that market their practices aggressively, yet don’t ever fill up their practice. That’s because they don’t really believe it. Or maybe they have some other limiting belief that’s holding them up.

Step 4: Enjoy and appreciate it

Once your practice is all filled up, all you have left to do is kindly thank the universe and show some gratitude. The reason you want to do this is because the universe will receive that as a strong signal that you’d like what’s happening to continue happening. 

You’re welcome ;)

Now that you're well on your way to a full caseload, my work here is done. This article turned out to be a bit long but I honestly could have made it a lot longer. I used to teach an 8 week course on how to use the law of attraction back in 2006. It was so much fun teaching this material. There are a lot of fun tangents you can go on. If you’d like to learn more about the law of attraction, I recommend downloading my reading list. There are some great books to choose from. 

Have fun!

Jeff Guenther, LPC, is a therapist in Portland, OR. He has been in private practice since 2005. Jeff is the creator and owner of Portland Therapy Center, a highly ranked therapist directory. Jeff, and his team, have launched a new progressive therapist directory, TherapyDen.

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