Group Therapy Session

Queering Body Image Psychotherapy Group

Last updated on Sep 05, 2022.

This group is intended for Queer Trans Youth of Color (QTYOC) ages 16-24 years of age to collaborate, receive & provide support, unlearn harmful messages from family, culture, media, society, etc., learn and practice self & body compassion/acceptance, plus so much more! Let's dismantle the hurtful impacts of diet culture created by cishet white supremacist patriarchy and embrace body functionality, neutrality, and acceptance together! Interest Form:

Dina Bdaiwi
Associate Marriage & Family Therapist
Group topics: Body Image Issues, LGBTQ Issues
Group Meets:
  • Thursday
Start Time: 7:00 pm
Session Length: 80 minutes
Cost: $35 per session
Group Size: 6-8
End Date: 12/08/2022