Does neurofeedback replace other interventions?

Olga Ward, Advanced NeurOptimal neurofeedback trainer since 2018 on Jun 23, 2019 in Mood and Feelings

NeurOptimal® neurofeedback does not replace the need for other interventions. This type of brain training makes the brain process information faster and more efficiently. Over time the brain becomes more flexible and resilient. I often hear my clients report being more relaxed and less irritable with things that used to bother them. It’s as if the brain starts to focus on things that are important while dismissing small irritants that are not worth its attention.

As the brain is trained to be more stable and more efficient while processing emotions without becoming easily overwhelmed, this frees up a lot of mental and emotional bandwidth. By combining NeurOptimal® with other supports such as speech, vision therapy, psychotherapy, tutoring, or other appropriate wellness approaches, and/or supplements, you may notice that you can achieve quicker progress, therefore, saving time, money, and aggravation.

For example, in counseling, you may reach a point where you feel stuck and unable to address specific issues because they are just too triggering or too painful to discuss. Adding NeurOptimal® training may increase your stress resilience enough that you can go much deeper into the difficult conversations, resolving past traumas, thus accomplishing more. I've had clients report that some of their issues became small "non-issues" after they started brain training. At the same time they finally had the courage to deal with more serious matters.

If your child’s behaviors or lack of focus are interfering with his or her school activities or making tutoring progress painfully slow, adding NeurOptimal® will help. Think of talk therapy as a “top-down” approach while neurofeedback is “bottom-up.” Trying to choose one over the other is like asking, “Should I exercise or improve my diet?” Why not do both?

At the same time, some very frustrated parents bring their not-so-talkative children to me after multiple failed attempts at counseling. In this case, neurofeedback is often a better fit for them as talking about feelings is not needed during brain training sessions.

NeurOptimal is an ideal form of brain training for many different challenges. It is an amazing complement to other therapies and supports. Contact us today to see how NeurOptimal® can benefit you and those you love.

Olga Ward is a Therapist in Beaverton, OR.

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