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Hello, I am Tyler Rich an LMFT. Growing up in Las Vegas has created a passion in me to help the men in my community live the life they want.

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Las Vegas, NV

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About My Clients

If you are a man who feels lost, and the pressure keeps building. Most men I work with are struggling with being the person they want to be in their relationship. From not being emotionally available to, feeling the pressure to work all the time. Many of us feel lost in the direction of life, yet we are unable to say that we feel lost and don't know what to do or where to go. These feelings sometimes lead to affairs, porn, drinking too much, or working too much. Change is possible!

My Background and Approach

I have been working with men and men's issues since I started my practice in 2015. From helping men stop destructive sexual addictive behavior, too learning how to connect with their deeper masculinity. I have helped men end their loveless marriage, helped men understand why they have had affairs, to help men find the path back to rebuilding trust and intimacy within their important relationships. I find that most men have a deep longing to be the best man they can be, but we all get lost on the path sometimes. I provide psychotherapy that looks deep into men's psyche and learn to accept the different parts of their manhood. Looking deep within our souls my clients find new meaning in their life, deeper more profound connection to others especially in their romantic relationship, and learn to heal the wounds they don't want to acknowledge. Every man is different and every man goes on their own Hero's journey and must discover who they are. That's where I can help.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

When I was in grad school I never thought that I would work with sexual/porn addiction or work specializing in men's issues. Growing up I was the shy soft-spoken guy, who might have been picked last in gym class. Even in boy scouts I always felt isolated and alone. Yet in my late 20's I worked on myself to develop the man I wanted to be. I started running marathons and did my own therapy. Through this work, I found that my masculine voice was helpful to other men in the group I joined. This leads me to grad school where my supervisor at the time, encouraged me to use this ability to connect to men to start my training and development in working with porn addiction. This training has to lead me to develop the ability to connect to all types of men and help them grow into the men they want to be. From being more attentive fathers and lovers to measuring the success of being a man internally not externally. I feel honored to share a part of the journey my clients go on.

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At A Glance

  • Experience: 8 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $125 - 250/session


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