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Hi there! I'm Laurie and I specialize in neurodiverse relationships, where one or both partners are on the autism spectrum.

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Indianapolis, IN

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About My Clients

My clients come to me when they recognize that neurodiversity is a part of their relationship, looking for guidance and support that helps each partner feel respected and understood while generating tools and creative strategies that enable both partners to meet one another's needs. I also work with neurotypical (non-autistic) individuals who are in relationship with someone on the spectrum. I welcome clients at any stage of exploring and understanding neurodiversity.

My Background and Approach

I empower and enable my clients to build bridges across neurological differences that help each person in the relationship feel seen, understood, valued, and cared for. We build these bridges together through open, honest conversations that make room for the different communication styles each person brings into the relationship. As the conversation facilitator, sometimes this means I help translate and interpret between partners, other times this means I slow a partner down, and still other times this means I draw a partner out. In doing so I help model communication strategies and give couples new experiences of communicating effectively with one another. I also help my clients build bridges through creative problem solving, where we work as a team to discover pathways for meeting differing needs and making room for divergent preferences. In addition, I offer concrete tools and strategies that are often helpful to neurodiverse couples.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I value each person in their uniqueness and affirm neurodiversity as a part of the human experience. I identify as neurotypical (non-autistic), but have lifelong experience with loved ones on the autism spectrum. I am an ally of the LGBTQ community and have knowledge and clinical experience with same-sex couples, non-binary and transgender individuals, and individuals questioning their sexuality or gender. I also provide a welcoming space for those in open relationships or who are exploring non-monagamy. I make room for conversations about religion and spirituality as I'm invited by clients without bringing an agenda of my own to these discussions. I strive to be anti-racist and aware of the impact of systemic racism on my clients.

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At A Glance

  • Experience: 10 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $200 - 200/session


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