Jackie Toth (she/her)

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I offer compassionate therapy that guides you toward healing at a safe and change-making pace.

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Santa Barbara, CA

About My Clients

Do you feel depressed and beaten down by life? Are you a people-pleaser who does not know what your own needs and desires are? This can drain the color from life, leaving us feeling without meaning or purpose. When we live by scripts written by others, our voices are silenced, disconnecting us from who we truly are. This often feeds a harsh self-critic who keeps us in line with judgment and shame. Therapy can help unravel these self-destructive threads, leading us back to our authentic self.

My Background and Approach

My approach is rooted in over 20 years of therapeutic work in community mental health and psychotherapy. I bring an authentic presence to our sessions that incorporates my extensive training and experience working with a variety of situations that have caused suffering, trauma, and pain, and that I have witnessed also ultimately lead to resilience, healing, and positive change. These include depression; anxiety; long-term chronic stress; caregiver or activist burn-out; relationship distress; motherhood identity, including being childless by choice or circumstance; and loss and grief, both recent and unresolved. To unravel the self-destructive threads that bind us to oppressive ways of living, I will help you unearth your voice and self-identity by hosting a space where we can crack open your story and explore it to get to the true grit of who you are and what you desire. Dreams, images, metaphors, emotions, and the body are invited into the dialogue to serve as tools.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I am an LGBTQIA-affirming, body positive (HAES) therapist who is committed to bringing a racially and socially just framework into my work and personal life. I view therapy as a political force : As we heal our inner selves, we can impact our larger world for the better. Oftentimes, this comes with much pain and sorrow at first. Forces outside and inside of us often shape the way we relate to our true selves, cutting us off from the healthy power that comes from remembering who we are and how we navigate the systems we live in. This remembering also leads to exposing how the larger cultural systems have marginalized us and/or lead to us marginalizing others. Therapy removes the veil around these systemic forces and leads to personal liberation, ultimately increasing meaning and purpose in one's life, and healing our relationships with partners, family, friends, our community, the climate, and the larger world.

Insurance Plans Accepted
  • Out of Network
I have experience with the following
  • Agnosticism
  • Atheism
  • Christianity
  • Multifaith

At A Glance

  • Experience: 11 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $200 - 200/session


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