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Experienced team of diverse professionals to guide you through navigating uncertain times with an ultimate focus on growth and development.

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About My Clients

During this time of overall uncertainty, individuals are experiencing an unprecedented level of stress. IPD is uniquely positioned to help individuals navigate these times from the comfort of their homes. IPD has provided services in a wide range of populations including but not limited to, the NBA, business consulting, professional development, government agencies involved in rehabilitation, forensic work, maternal-fetal and infant/child development, and various clinical pathologies.

My Background and Approach

Harness this period of uncertainty into an impetus for growth and change. Cycles of stability and disruption are constant certainties in every system from biological to economic entities. Given the right tools, disruption can be utilized to fuel individual and organizational development. IPD has been providing clinical and consulting services for over 30 years. IPD engages in a broad scope of practice ranging from assessment and treatment of severe psychopathologies to performance consulting in sports and business. Our team encompasses professionals in various disciplines including medical science, neuroscience, clinical psychology, neuropsychology, and business. In keeping with our philosophy of harnessing disruption to fuel change, IPD has expanded our primarily in-person services to remote services accessible nationally and internationally. We will guide you through the practical skills associated with a growth mindset aimed at enhancing resilience and fostering development.

At A Glance

  • Experience: 31 years of practice


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