Emma Frazier (she/her)

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I provide therapy for individuals and couples striving to cultivate powerful pleasure centered relationships.

Sex Therapist in Decatur, GA
Supervised by Natalie Elliot LPC, CST

  • Individual
  • Couples

About My Clients

My clients are often frustrated, lost, confused and at their breaking point in their sexual relationships. They have shame or guilt regarding some aspect of their sexuality. They question their sexuality, ruminate over whether they are “having sex the right way?” and struggle to connect to their partners and their own bodies. My clients are curious about exploring their sexuality, motivated to heal their trauma and face cultural messages to achieve wellness, pleasure and liberation.

My Background and Approach

I’m a black millennial sex positive therapist who has a special interest in how the intersections of sexuality, culture and identity affect someone’s sexual development. As a sex therapist, I work to create a safe, supportive and collaborative space where my clients seek wellness, pleasure and liberation. I work with people who are ready to make change. People who want to be empowered and understand their sexuality in a more authentic way. I rely on a strong therapeutic relationship in order to cultivate a sex positive environment where clients are empowered to explore their sexual identities. I help individuals and couples reignite their relationships and expand their mindsets regarding sex without the fear and shame they have felt for most of their lives. You'll learn tools to help you communicate better, explore your sexuality in ways you did not think possible, learn about sex and your body as well as become more comfortable in understanding yourself as a sexual being.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I utilize relational cultural aware frameworks in all my therapeutic approaches. I welcome clients of all racial and ethnic backgrounds, as well as gender identities and expression, and sexual and affectional orientations. I am LGBTQIA+ inclusive, kink and BDSM positive, and poly-friendly.

I offer online counseling in the following states:

At A Glance

  • Experience: 5 years of practice
  • Rate: $120/session


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