Emily Perraut (She/Her)

MA, LLP (Limited License Psychologist)

I am passionate about my work with people who have experienced trauma, though I'm not currently accepting new clients.

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Supervised by Ann Smith, PsyD, LP

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About My Clients

You're doing all the right things for self-care but rarely feel recharged. You may have been to therapy before, and while it was hopefully helpful, you keep finding yourself stuck in the same old patterns. You've been called "sensitive" your whole life and often feel misunderstood. You struggle to show yourself the same empathy and kindness you give so easily. You frequently feel overwhelmed and worried, are hard on yourself, and feel guilty saying "no" and setting boundaries. I got you.

My Background and Approach

I work from a holistic perspective that is strengths-based and de-pathologizing, and which includes recognition of oppressive systems. I graduated in 2011 with my MA in Clinical Psychology. I attended a trauma training by Bessel van der Kolk at the end of 2015 and read his book, The Body Keeps the Score, which sparked my interest in trauma. I began attending Brainspotting trainings in February of 2016 and became a Certified Brainspotting Practitioner in 2018. Over the years, I've learned that in order to get to the root of many of our issues, we need a therapeutic modality that includes the body, and which is able to access the sub-cortical parts of our brain; we can't access this part of the brain through talk-therapy alone. I have found Brainspotting to be highly effective, as it embodies humanistic, existential, anti-oppressive, and client-centered principles, and occurs in the context of a safe, supportive, empathic, compassionate, and attuned client-therapist relationship.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

As a white, cis woman, I recognize the many privileges and the power I hold in this culture. I am actively working to learn more about all of the "isms" and to decolonize my beliefs and practices, which is a privilege in and of itself. Social and racial justice are core values for me and recent events have fueled my motivation even more to continue my unlearning, while also advocating for justice and equality for all. I'm an animal lover and have 2 dogs (rescues) and 3 kitties, who you may end up seeing or hearing (briefly) in sessions. I take my personal and professional development and growth very seriously and I truly love learning. Brainspotting has changed my life and the lives of many of my clients. Last, but certainly not least, I have a little bit of experience and training in working with trans men and non-binary folx. I don't believe I have enough training or experience yet to call myself competent, but I'm working on it.

Insurance Plans Accepted
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS)
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At A Glance

  • Experience: 11 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $150 - 200/session


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