Emily Graham (they/them)


Welcome! I am a white, nonbinary, queer therapist who uses a social justice/anti-oppressive lens to work toward liberation for all.

Therapist in Denver, CO

About My Clients

Let us work together toward your liberation. Our world is an incredibly difficult place to live and an even harder place in which to thrive. Whether you are living with depression, anxiety, gender dysphoria, PTSD, or whatever else; you did not choose to get to where you are, and you are not broken. Systemic oppression has created barriers that stand between you and your highest self. You are not depression. YOU are a brilliant being worthy of love and belonging.

My Background and Approach

As every individual is unique, I tailor my approach to each person depending on their needs and goals. I have a Master's in Social Work with a focus on family systems and social justice. Primarily, I use narrative therapy, family systems therapy and internal family systems all within the context of feminist theory and critical race theory. All of those clinical words to say: I will connect with you and use the methodology we both think is best for you! I will acknowledge and work to disrupt your experiences of oppression and discrimination in this complex and difficult world we live in. None of us are free until all of us are free. I always show up to the best of my ability in supporting your liberation from depression, anxiety, gender dysphoria, or whatever you might be experiencing. Let's reclaim your story so you can write your own ending. Let us work together in building a brighter future for you and for the world. "Transform yourself to transform the world." - Grace Lee Boggs

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

"Liberation is the opportunity for every human, no matter their body, to have unobstructed access to their highest self; for every human to live in radical self-love." - Sonya Renee Taylor. Like so many young people, as soon as I hit adolescence, my dreams were crushed by the cisheteronormative, white supremacist, patriarchy we live in. I didn't have the words for that at the time, but I struggled deeply with depression, suicidality, and self-harm. It took years of therapy for me to delve into the multi-layered causes of my depression and rewrite my own narrative of myself. Through that journey, I found and began to express my nonbinary and queer identities. I began to dive into social justice work and start the process of recognizing and disrupting my own privilege, while working toward equity for all. We all have our role in the revolution; in transforming this world into the Next World. My role, in part, is to walk with others on their journey to heal and access their highest self.

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At A Glance

  • Experience: 7 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $100 - 215/session


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