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Hi, I'm Holly! I'm a determined, loving, loyal and perceptive therapist that helps professional women of color build their self-confidence .

Counselor in Philadelphia, PA
Supervised by Robert Tierney, LPC

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About My Clients

Are you constantly having to prove your worth as a women of color at work? Do you find yourself feeling insecure and as a result, thinking negatively about yourself? Climbing the ladder of success can be hard when trying to navigate racism in the workplace. The ongoing stress creates anxiety or depression making you second guess everything you've worked so hard to achieve. The struggle is real and dehabilitating. I am here to help you understand that what you desire for yourself can be achieved.

My Background and Approach

I am a pre-licensed, Master Level therapist and certified advanced alcohol and drug counselor. I have a Doctorate in Education. My experience includes providing mental health and substance use disorder services in residential and outpatient settings as a therapist to Clinical Director. I help you work through: Self-worth, Effectively manage feeling stressed, overwhelmed, depressed or anxious, Microaggressions in the workplace, Career Exploration, How to apply coping skills instead of using substances, Discovering your own definition of success, Breaking free from the need to live up to others expectations, Identifying and completing realistic goals to create an ideal life, Explore ways to break familial cycles that impact your life today, Gain a full understanding of "Who Am I" through intensive self-exploration assignments, Letting go of the need to control and live in the present

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

Life First Therapy was created with the intent to help professional women of color navigate through their career and life when feeling anxious, depressed or stressed without using substances to cope. Life First Therapy is a safe space where women of color can go to therapy without fear of being judged for being themselves! I listen quietly and attentively remembering details to tell truths that need to be spoken.

Techniques I Use


At A Glance

  • Experience: 4 years of practice
  • Languages: English


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