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I help BIPOC parents unpack intergenerational trauma so that they can deepen vital connections with people.

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About My Clients

Maybe you’ve found some professional success but have a tendency to dumb yourself down? Do you find yourself not being fully present with your kids? Do you say, “I dont need much.. all I need is XYZ”? Do you sign up for less because you don’t feel like you deserve more? Is your “modesty” a mask for a lack of self worth… as Alicia Keys puts it? I look forward to helping you stand in your power.

My Background and Approach

I know what it means to try to struggle in this world as a second generation child of immigrants. My immigrant parents carried me as far as they could go and yet, they couldn't provide an adequate blueprint of how I can gently parent myself and my children. My goal for you is to provide tools so that you can feel safe in your body. Ultimately, safety and trust in your body will allow you to access your inner wisdom with resounding certainty. From that place, that is where "flow" happens in relationships and work. My goal is to get you there. To a place where you are flowing with others and yourself. We will start every session with what is going on in the here and now. Being in the moment is key to gaining awareness of your body and thoughts.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I am a first generation Chinese American child of Vietnam war refugees. I am a “geriatric millennial”. I know what it means to try to struggle in this world as a second generation child of immigrants. This lived experience helps me to see how systemic oppression leads to: putting yourself last, disconnecting with your body, not trusting your intuition and body and constantly being in freeze/flight/fight mode. This understanding has guided my practice. Somatic therapy has helped me to connect with my body in a safe way and ultimately helped to trust my inner wisdom so that I can make decisions with a resounding "yes!" I can help you: draw boundaries with empowered confidence, parent your children with gentle ease and learn to prioritize yourself first. Unfortunately, I don't accept any form of insurance but can provide you with a superbill to possibly get partially reimbursed. Please check with your insurance to see if you have out-of-network benefits

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  • Experience: 11 years of practice
  • Rate: $230 - 250/session


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