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Hi, I'm Adam. I appreciate you investing in your healing and am happy to support you in your journey towards wholeness and well being.

Counselor in Boulder, CO


About My Clients

I work best with clients who are interested in getting to the root of their issues. The particular depth work that I specialize in is an integration of both western psychological tradition and indigenous healing methodologies. It has proven effective in locating and healing the underlying emotional pain that fuels addictions, causes trauma symptoms, exacerbates relational issues and is the root of symptoms such as anxiety and depression.

My Background and Approach

I have, studied with teachers from around the world in a number of different healing methodologies, most recently completing a 2 year intensive program in spiritual healing with an African elder and shaman. I have completed a Master of Divinity at Naropa University where I studied Buddhist Psychology and have been a long time Zen Buddhist practitioner. I completed my counseling training also at Naropa university with a focus in transpersonal counseling. Before deciding to go into private practice, I worked for a number of years as a counselor at a residential facility for the treatment of addictions. I have other years of experience working at hospices, as a spiritual and grief counselor, at hospitals and with elders who are struggling with dementia.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

My belief is that every person comes to this world with a sense of purpose and gifts that are needed for the heath and well being of the entire planet. Because of unsupportive environments or traumatic experiences, we lose connection with our gifts, our innate sense of well being, and our healing potential. The suffering we experience in whatever form it takes can be a wake up call to start the process of reconnecting with who we are meant to be. The healing journey we make is needed, not only so we can experience an individual sense of health and well being, but it is also what is needed so we can be healers for others who are struggling, creating a ripple effect which ultimately can have a global effect.

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