More than 50% of my clients come from one video I made

Jeff Guenther on Oct 10, 2017

It’s true. When prospective clients visit my website they typically stumble onto my codependency treatment page. And over half the time clients actually make an appointment, they talk about how that video influenced them to reach out. It’s not the best video in the world. It’s not filled with the most interesting information about attachment styles. It wasn’t difficult to write the short script. But it does resonate with many people. And because it’s such a big hit, I have received a massive return on minimal investment. Check it out below. I’ll dig into why this video works so well to attract clients in the article below and you can download a list of 50 video ideas that you can use to create your own client attracting videos.

Why does this video work so well?

As I said, the video probably won’t win any Emmys, but it does strike a chord with many potential clients so let’s break it down and figure out why it works and how you can easily create a video with the same style and outcome. 

I come off as authentic

The main reason I created the video was to show potential clients who I am. The language I use, the references I make to pop culture, the way I talk with my hands, the little smirks I make are all exactly how I talk and act as a therapist in session. Coming up with a topic to cover was secondary in this whole process. I wanted people to know what it would look and feel like when they sat in a room with me. After watching the 5 minute video I think people get a really good idea of who I am and how I talk. Because of this, people can quickly determine if they could have a good rapport with me. If so, they reach out. If not, they don’t reach out and I am thankful for that because we probably wouldn’t be a good match if there was something they didn’t like about me in the video. 

If you don’t know already, I tend to harp on authenticity a lot when talking about marketing for therapists. Click here to read even more about how you can authentically market your practice

It is made specifically for my ideal client

I love working with people who are really anxious in their romantic relationships. And guess what? Anxious people in relationships are looking for tips on how to connect with their partner. And from my experience, anxious folks tend to attract avoidant partners most of the time. So I made a video just for them. I wanted to: 

  • Normalize their anxiety
  • Prove to them that I understand their experience
  • Give them information that would create insight into their relationship issues
  • Show them that I know a lot about their intimacy issues
  • Give them hope that they could work out their issues in their current relationship

I think I accomplished all my goals. When you make your video, take some time to create a video that resonates with your ideal client. Make a list of three to five talking points that really matter to them and their problem. 

It is easy to understand

I try not to use any jargon in the video and you shouldn’t either. Using technical terms will scare off almost everyone. It’s just confusing and alienating to use psychological terms that the average person doesn’t get. If I do need to use jargon, I always define it. You’ll notice that I define all three romantic attachment styles so that anyone watching the video can quickly understand what they are and where they may fall on the spectrum. I even use examples of relationships from well-known TV shows and movies so that viewers can see themselves in other relationships in order to have a deeper understanding of their own behavior.

When you write your script for the video, don’t get lost in the weeds of psychological terminology and if appropriate, use examples of other people, real or fictional, that suffer from the issue you’re addressing. 

It gives viewers tools and tips

The video has a purpose. It defines what romantic attachment styles are and it gives anxious and avoidant folks tips on how to improve their relationships. When you provide advice in videos, it makes it more sharable and could inspire people to post it on social media. It also proves to the viewer that you know what you’re talking about. Don’t be afraid to give away your best therapeutic suggestions. It helps to create trust and authority on a topic.

How I made the video

Lastly I’d like to go over the tools I used to create the video so that you can understand how insanely easy it is to create one. 

The camera I used was my iPhone. Any smart phone will do these days because all the cameras that come with the last few generations of phones are able to easily shoot HD footage. All the editing that was performed on the video was done on my iPhone. I just had to cut the very beginning and end of the video where I sat down at the desk and then stood up when I was done. 

I purchased a $16 tripod to hold my iPhone in the right place. There are tons on Amazon. I like this one

I don’t know about you, but I like to read from a teleprompter. Obviously, this depends on your style, but I like to write everything down and read it like a script so that I am sure I can cover everything I want in the amount of time I want. I have an iPad so I downloaded this free teleprompter app and placed the iPad right behind the camera. 

What should your video be about?

Your video should be about what you think your ideal client would like to see. I recommend having two to four of these videos on your website. If you’re struggling with topic ideas or just want some inspiration, I have come up with 50 video ideas that will help you get started.

Jeff Guenther, LPC, is a therapist in Portland, OR. He has been in private practice since 2005. Jeff is the creator and owner of Portland Therapy Center, a highly ranked therapist directory. Jeff, and his team, have launched a new progressive therapist directory, TherapyDen.

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