20 Podcast Ideas for Therapists

Jeff Guenther, LPC on Jul 15, 2018

I’m thinking about starting a podcast for TherapyDen. It seems like a lot of work, but it would also scratch an itch that I’ve had for most of my life. One of the main reasons I became a therapist was because of my childhood obsession with Loveline. Remember that show? It was a Los Angeles radio call in show. I started listening in 1993 with Riki Rachtman and Dr. Drew. In 1995, when Adam Corolla joined the show, I was officially hooked. I always dreamed of having a call in show and tackling questions with a fellow therapist. But recently I started thinking of some other directions I could go. I have narrowed it down to 20 ideas. Feel free to steal one and start your own podcast!

  1. Interview therapists about how and why they started their practice.
  2. Deep dive into current mental health issues in the news.
  3. A podcast all about a specific mental health issue, such as depression. How to understand the issue and practice self-care.
  4. The intersection of social justice and mental health.
  5. How to market a therapy practice.
  6. What it’s like to be a therapist. How a therapist has to take care of themselves and not get burnt out. It could feature a different therapist each episode. 
  7. The entrepreneurial therapist: A podcast about starting different streams of revenue as a therapist.
  8. Call in show. You and a guest therapist could respond to listener’s mental health questions.
  9. Therapy with strangers. As a therapist you could perform therapy sessions with people you randomly meet in public. 
  10. The Donald Trump sessions. Every episode you can unofficially diagnose the latest mental health issues that you think our president is possibly suffering from. This idea can be expanded to many other politicians. 
  11. Therapy Across Cultures: Each episode can focus on how therapy is different depending on the culture of the client and therapist. 
  12. Breaking the stigma: A podcast about mental health stigma and how to unstigmatized it. 
  13. Family stories: Each episode can be devoted to mental health issues that have impacted a specific family and how they have dealt with it. Or haven’t dealt with it. 
  14. My first session: A podcast about different people’s experience getting therapy for the first time.
  15. Info about what happens in your brain when suffering from different mental health issues.
  16. A team of therapists that diagnose popular fictional TV and movie characters.
  17. Exploring different intimacy issues that come up in a romantic relationship and how to deal with them.
  18. Sex therapy: A podcast that focuses on all the issues that come up around sex.
  19. How to be at peace: A podcast about mindfulness and how to find peace in a chaotic world.
  20. How to blame your parents for everything: A humorous podcast about how to not take responsibility for anything in your life and instead blame your parents for all your problems.

I think I'll go with number 20 ;)

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Jeff Guenther, LPC, is a therapist in Portland, OR. He has been in private practice since 2005. Jeff is the creator and owner of Portland Therapy Center, a highly ranked therapist directory. Jeff, and his team, have launched a new progressive therapist directory, TherapyDen.

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