Let’s Treat Mental Health Like Physical Health

T A on Mar 13, 2023 in Mood and Feelings

As a clinician, I am biased on the importance of mental health. However, I do think there’s a misinterpretation about why mental health and seeking professional help is important (and just as important as physical health).

Often I hear people saying they spoke to a friend or family member to process through stressors and trauma such as someone passing away, a family member becoming ill, or dysfunctional relationships. As much as our friends and family can be supportive and understanding, they are not professionals trained in emotions and coping skills.

To put in perspective, if one were to catch the flu, they would go to their doctor and get medication. If one were to experience a break-up, they should go to their therapist and learn about coping skills.

If one were to break a leg, they would take the time to get x-rays and heal in a cast before walking. If one were to experience the loss of a loved one, they should talk to a therapist and process the grief.

Our society tends to put great focus on physical well-being and appearance. So people attempt to balance their careers, finances, and families in addition to working out. They take note to eat well, exercise daily, and complete their daily to-do lists. Meanwhile, they sleep, on average, five to six hours a night, feel constantly on edge, fight daily headaches, and dismiss their fatigue as “life.” Although physical health and exercise is important, the toll that stress causes on the body is just as important and can even be damaging when ignored.

Well-being is more than eating organic foods and running a few miles after work. Well-being includes mind and body together, and it is best achieved through the helping guidance of a counselor or therapist.

The brain and body are amazing and both need care. If you are experiencing hardship through a trauma or loss, chronic stress, or any other factor impacting your emotional well-being, I encourage you to seek professional help for support.

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