Victoria Formosa (She/Her)


Together with my clients, we create the safety in our relationship that encourages creativity, curiosity, and healing.

Clinical Social Worker in New York

  • Individual
  • Couples

About My Clients

Relationships that make us feel safe, understood and validated are necessary for growth. When we can trust that someone won’t judge us, we’re able to explore all parts of ourselves with them. With a foundation of trust, we can work on tuning into your needs and giving you the tools to get those needs met. Too often, we receive messages that tell us our experiences, feelings and boundaries are not valid. I look forward to challenging those messages together!

My Background and Approach

People seek therapy for all kinds of reasons. I approach treatment planning as a collaborative way of guiding us through our work together. I assist individuals and couples with present challenges while always keeping in mind that insight into our history is vital for moving forward. My career has centered on providing affirming care for LBGTQ+ identified individuals. I have experience working with poly, nonmonogamous and kink relationships. I describe my style as relational and psychodynamic and will call upon cognitive behavioral interventions as needed. I have a deep understanding of how trauma impacts the physical body and will use interventions that help regulate and tend to trauma responses in the body. My work is built on the foundation of social justice and I believe that relationships thrive when all members are grounded in their privileged and subordinated identities. I encourage exploration of how these identities shape our emotional responses in every day life.

I offer online counseling in the following states:

At A Glance

  • Experience: 8 years of practice
  • Rate: $175/session

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