Sitka Stueve

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My goal is to help you uncover your True Potential, Gain Resilience & lead a life that is Genuine & Authentic - a Life in Balance...

Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Overland Park, KS

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About My Clients

Are you thriving, or barely surviving? Feeling overwhelmed, pervasive sadness or out-of-control worry - all disrupt your ability to thrive. I know exactly what you're feeling, like the walls are closing in and you need help Now! These extreme emotions can be terrifying and I don't want you to suffer anymore. Holistic practices can reduce anxiety and depression tremendously, and I look forward to teaching you tools to take your life back. Together, you and I will figure out what's going on.

My Background and Approach

The tools that I’ll provide you with are tools that I have been perfecting throughout my career – helping people just like you. My goal is to impart atleast ten different tools & techniques that you can utilize throughout your day. You’ll have access to discreet exercises that can quickly create relief in the moment of distress. My style is direct and solution focused. We’ll work collaboratively to address the anxiety and depression that has been bothering you. We’ll start with what’s going on in the moment and how to get control over your body & thoughts. For the past 20 years, my practice has been focused on helping people learn how to effectively manage their emotions. I am continuously learning new tools & will share leading edge techniques that we will practice. We’ll address what is going on in your brain when you feel anxious or depressed; and, how to get in touch with different parts of your brain to find relief & experience some measure of control. Let's begin now...

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I believe that everyone can change and grow throughout their lives. I don’t believe that there is a limit to human capacity. To some extent, we are all products of our environments, in which we experience unhealthy learned behaviors that can hijack our lives. The great news is that you can unlearn the faulty behaviors & silence the critical voice in your head; replacing them with healthy, positive ones. I also believe that an individual is a multidimensional being: body, mind & spirit and all three areas need to be addressed holistically for overall health to be obtained.

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At A Glance

  • Experience: 23 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $100 - 150/session


913-815-0559 Email Sitka
10985 Cody Street
Ste 105
Overland Park, KS 66210
10985 Cody Street
Ste 105
Overland Park, KS 66210

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