Shelly Hogan (she/her)

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Associate

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Counselor in Austin, TX
Supervised by Dave Braham, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Supervisor

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About My Clients

Everyone’s pathway through life is uniquely their own, and I believe you are the expert on your own life. I believe your personal worldview and lived reality are absolutely integral to the therapeutic process. I work with teens, individual adults, and a myriad of couple and family systems. I embrace inclusivity of gender expression, sexual orientation, and alternative lifestyles, and am both sex positive and body affirming in my beliefs and approach.

My Background and Approach

I have always gravitated toward connection and connective experiences. I have studied many facets of human connection and development throughout my academic career, including a diverse variety of romantic partnerships and family dynamics, and the development of children, individuals, couples, and families across the life span. I enjoyed my time working in a home for foster youths and teens, lending support and guidance to young people in need of connection. I devoted myself for a decade to helping children learn how to navigate their social interactions and behavior in a classroom setting, fostering connections and understanding between children, their parents, and family members. I work in partnership with you to recognize what’s going well in your family or couple dynamic, explore where and how your relationships can grow, and assist you with becoming more connected with those who matter most in your life.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I welcome you and your partner or family with open ears, an open mind, and an open heart. I value authenticity in the therapeutic relationship, as I delight in being able to bring my unique worldview, and sense of humor at times, into our conversations. I thoroughly honor your unique perspective and your individual life experiences. I believe in the power of productive dialogue to increase your partner’s or family members’ understanding of you and your perspective and to deepen and sustain your couple and family relationships. Today I feel so very lucky to be able to focus on couples and families in my counseling work, as I fundamentally believe that humans are naturally social beings and grow, change, and evolve by the connections they have, and the connections they long to create. …and when I’m not counseling, I love cooking, watching roller derby, everything live music, my big orange cat, and trying to get my husband to dance with me.

At A Glance

  • Experience: 2 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $75 - 125/session

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