Shana Averbach

Hi! I passionately support women's and maternal mental health. I'm especially good with secret sufferers (I see you, ladyl).

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About My Clients

You want to feel better now. You're overwhelmed and your inner critic is harder on you than anyone else, even - especially - when you're already feeling down, anxious, or like you're "not enough." You're high functioning and independent, so it's hard for others to see you're hurting inside, which gives you a lonely feeling on top of everything else. You want a healthy relationships with yourself + your people.

My Background and Approach

My practice focuses women's and maternal mental health. Through practical tools and an attuned therapeutic relationship, I can help you with stifling critical voice, distracting worries, adjustment to pregnancy or early parenthood, and/or distress about past experiences (e.g., loss, birth trauma) making it hard to be with your present baby.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I believe: - All people move towards their best selves when they feel safe, connected to others, feel a sense of meaning and purpose, and feel understood and validated. - The thoughts and beliefs that we have about ourselves affect how we feel and behave in our environment. We start formulating these thoughts and beliefs into stories at a young age, due to messages - both direct and indirect (and often unintentional) - that we receive from the outside world, including family, peers, media, and sociocultural groups. - Resisting difficult feelings is futile and often makes them stronger. Learning to make room for them and focus on what matters most is positively life changing. - Every person is capable of reinterpreting stories and thinking in new ways that are more constructive, and that this process takes Practice. - Problems often arise from a place of transition or development, not from pathology.

At A Glance

  • Experience: 15 years of practice
  • Rate: $175 - 250/session


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