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About My Clients

I specialize in working with adults 18 and older who experience symptoms related to anxiety, trauma, and stress. I work a lot with individuals who have experienced complex trauma in their childhood and adolescents and seeing how it has impacted them today: Anger, depression, anxiety, mood instability, low self-esteem, shame, etc. If you're ready to do some deep healing work, I am here to be your guide.

My Background and Approach

Along with being a licensed mental health therapist, I am a certified meditation and yoga instructor and I incorporate these techniques into my treatment with others to help them connect to their healing potential. I also use internal family systems therapy (IFS) to help people do the deeper healing that has been stuck within them for most of their life. This experience is very freeing and restorative to the overall system of ourselves. Client Testimonials: "I've had a wonderful experience with Natalie in therapy. Our Internal Family Systems work has helped me to feel empowered and to improve some of my closest relationships. I would absolutely recommend working with her!". "I was referred to Natalie to deal with C-PTSD, and we agreed to explore Internal Family Systems therapy. I felt better after the first session, and a couple of months in, I experienced a shift that changed everything. I can't recommend Natalie highly enough."

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I went for most of my childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood living with symptoms of intense anxiety. I gravitated toward various aspects of coping that were helpful like a band-aid, but it never seemed to help for the long term. My personal healing shifted tremendously when I found IFS, shifts that I never knew could exist. I began to introduce this work with my clients and noticed them being able to make bigger more life changing shifts for healing within themselves. I am very passionate about sharing this healing potential with others and am honored to be able to do that with you.

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  • Experience: 11 years of practice
  • Rate: $120/session


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