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Melissa Meade

Whether you want to talk, move, or dance through your struggles, I would be honored to be part of your journey

in Chattanooga, TN
Supervised by Melissa Wilson, LPC/MHSP

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About My Clients

I work with people using traditional counseling methods and dance / movement therapy. I help clients move through day to day struggles as well as any of the difficulties below: Pain and medical issues | Trauma | Eating disorders | Career advancement | Women’s issues | Grief | Adjustments | Depression | Anxiety I believe that every person has the internal ability to heal and everyone needs help from time to time.

My Background and Approach

After a successful 30+ year career, including serving as a senior manager in nuclear power, I felt a deep desire to help others, leading me to become a Mental Health Counselor. Additionally, having experienced the healing power of dance in my own life, I further pursued credentialing in Dance/Movement Therapy. I use an embodied approach to therapy based on the interconnection between mind and body. Many struggles are rooted in the deeper, non-cognitive portions of the brain. You may have noticed that using reason is not sufficient to help with those struggles. My training in dance/movement therapy and in trauma resolution methodology provides a path into those deeper portions of the brain. Emotions are designed to help us survive; they have a physical component and prod us to do something, like run if we’re afraid or stand up for ourselves if we’re angry. Oftentimes, we bury emotions and ignore our bodies. I would like to help you understand and connect with emotions,

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I believe everyone can benefit from an unbiased person for support from time to time. Many of us ignore our bodies and push to succeed, which can result in burnout, depression, anxiety, or other struggles. Using the body as part of the healing process can help you integrate and benefit from the ancient wisdom of the body. Chronic pain or illness can ravage your life, leaving you exhausted and frustrated. Trauma or difficult memories can invade the present, interfering with living your best life. Grief can feel like a bottomless pit with no way out. Eating disorders and addiction can feel like a constant battle. Also, through my many years of experience working in a technical field, I have felt the responsibility of making decisions that could impact thousands of people and I know how heavy this can be. I have struggled with work-life balance and meeting the demands of both work and family. I understand the struggles and have specific experience & training related to healing.

At A Glance

  • Experience: 3 years of practice
  • Rate: $100/session


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