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Hello! I want you to know, I see your pain. I see your hurt. Life can feel so overwhelming and throw SO much at us, and I'm here to help.

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in Gainesville, FL

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About My Clients

You're aware of the issues in your life, but you're just not sure where or how to start healing. Maybe you've experienced the trauma of an abusive childhood, a dysfunctional family, or you've experienced trauma in your adulthood. You're aware of how those experiences may be affecting your mental health, but you're not sure how to handle them. You're not sure how to deal with them, and they feel so big and confusing. You also know you're ready to start, and you need the support of a professional.

My Background and Approach

I have been studying trauma-informed therapy for the past several years and am getting ready to receive training in trauma-sensitive yoga and somatic therapies. I help people safely connect with their bodies and invite gentle movements and/or mindfulness techniques to facilitate healing. I help people acknowledge and name the abuse and traumas they've endured, and understand their experiences within the frame of trauma, including the neurobiology of their body and post-traumatic symptoms. From there we can help invite healing into the body and mind. As a trauma survivor myself, I can also pull from my personal experience to provide a safe and validating environment for clients. I am also trained in DBT, which uses many practical skills to help people to regulate their emotions, tolerate intense discomfort, and be more effective in their relationships. DBT is often a great starting point to help gain some confidence in dealing with life's challenges.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I believe that by smashing the stigma of traumatic reactions, we can help make the world a more loving and safe place. Healing is for everyone, therefore I try to make my approach and practice accessible to all by offering a sliding scale payment option, affirming all cultural identities and intersectionalities, and continuing to offer choice and freedom in any therapeutic agreement. I also believe in uniting mental health practitioners together with other "wellness" professionals, doctors, and coaches. A team approach is necessary for the best support and treatment of mental and physical health issues. I have volunteered with the Crisis Text Line where I helped individuals in crisis cope in the moment to be able to move to the next moment safely. I have been trained as an LGBTQ+ ally and am trained in suicide intervention skills.

I offer online counseling in the following states:

At A Glance

  • Experience: 5 years of practice
  • Rate: $95 - 120/session


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