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Greetings! As a licensed psychologist and woman of color, I wear multiple identities, and value your preferences, coping styles in therapy.

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About My Clients

Who has not experienced low mood, feeling blue often, disconnecting from one's own authenticity, and others? We also experience anxiety and constant worry about the future, work, deadlines, and relationships. I provide a safe space to help you explore life's expected and unexpected transitions, and grief and loss. I also wear multiple identities, and can help you navigate cultural challenges and adjustment in different contexts. I look forward to providing help and support, and coping tools.

My Background and Approach

In working with communities and families in India, I have used by background in social work to strengthen my systemic approach to providing therapy to adults, aged 18 and above, within the different contexts they live and interact with. I value the person-environment interaction and am trained in therapeutic approaches that prioritize thoughts, feelings and actions of individuals, and the reciprocal influence of their families, culture, community and society. I also value the genuineness, creativity, and strengths of every being, and that brings my focus to being trained in relational approaches that are also sensitive to the lived experiences of an individual. I use concrete specific strategies to help clarify your values and collaborate with you in equipping you with effective coping tools, including mindfulness, diaphragmatic breathing and mind-body techniques.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I value the inherent strengths and potential that everyone brings to the table. Sometimes, life poses expected and unexpected challenges such as transitions, grief and loss. Often, in dealing with such challenges we accumulate stress that impacts our mind, body and our entire being. Simultaneously, based on our early childhood experiences and relationships, we adopt ineffective thinking patterns, develop challenging feelings, and therefore respond to the environment in ways that keeps us stuck in that experience/s. I believe that I can help you identify, unlearn and replace such patterns with effective alternative ways of responding to the environment. The alternative ways I model and recommend for you, are based on your values, preferences, and cultural contexts you are part of. I value empowerment and diversity, and through this therapeutic journey regard our relationship in working together and developing mindful, concrete coping strategies that feel authentic to your identities.

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At A Glance

  • Experience: 8 years of practice
  • Languages: English, Hindi


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