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About My Clients

Take a deep breath. Feel your feet on the ground, your back against the chair... another slow breath as you relax into this moment. Imagine what it would be like to have clarity about your emotions, confidence in your decisions, and compassion for yourself. Imagine the relief you could feel by healing old wounds that seems to hold you back. I work with women just like you, who have been carrying heavy emotional burdens for too long and want to feel the freedom that therapy can offer.

My Background and Approach

Understanding that each woman and situation is unique, I use a wide variety of approaches that are shown to promote health and growth, while remembering that a safe, therapeutic, and non-judgmental relationship is what matters most. I work with adult women through all stages of life. I love helping clients navigate stress, low self-esteem, anger, depression, faith transitions, trauma, and infidelity. I have a deep compassion and understanding of the complexity and challenges life brings and offer more to my clients than just a temporary band-aid. I use a psychodynamic approach and incorporate techniques from Internal Family Systems, Gottman, and EFT("client-centered" approaches based in attachment theory and neurobiology). I use these approaches, but also tend to give practical "homework" as well, to get the most out of our time together. I see my role as a collaborator and believe the role of therapy is to heal wounds, improve emotional health, and to broaden perspectives.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

Psychologist Victor Yalom uses this vivid and captivating image of therapy, given to him by his own mentor, Jim Bugental. Victor describes a tightrope walker balanced on a wire, suspended between two skyscrapers. The walker carefully steps out over the expanse, gripping the long beam on his shoulders. He trusts it to give him the support he needs, as it has many times before. Suddenly, a gust of wind throws him off balance and he begins to fall. Victor describes this man, in his terror clutching onto the beam, which on previous occasions had saved his life and had been "his trusted friend". In that moment, what he needed to do was to release his grasp of the bean on grab hold of the wire, before it was too late. Instead, he clung to what was no longer working, falling to his death. This is a perfect example of what often initially brings my clients into therapy. The skills they learned to survive in childhood, and adulthood, are no longer working and they find themselves falling.

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  • Experience: 7 years of practice
  • Rate: $150 - 175/session


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