Jennifer Wolf, MA/RP/Crisis/PTSD, Psychotherapist in Colorado Springs, CO

Jennifer Wolf (She/her)


I'm a war widow, mom, teacher, therapist, animal rescuer. I'm empathetic, energetic, eclectic, and warm. Approachable. Specialty in PTSD

Psychotherapist in Colorado Springs, CO

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About My Clients

Teens, Veterans, LGBTQ, Families, Couples, Premarital, Infidelity, Trauma, Integration, Women, Parents, and anyone who wants to improve, grow, and seek help. I will work as hard as you do all along the way, so my clients who are ideal, are those looking to improve.

My Background and Approach

Military family background, mom, animal lover, and teacher and therapist. I have always had a thirst for learning about the mind. Psychology gave me this option. I offer equine therapy, as a horsewoman my whole life, and therapy, as a life-long learner of psychology. I use experiential and exposure therapy, as well as CBT with my equine therapy program. I am a crisis interventionist and specialize in trauma and military. MA/RP/EAGALA

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

Crisis intervention volunteer, animal rescuer, equality fighter, LGBTQ affirming-all beliefs I hold dear to me. I am non-judgmental, fun-loving, warm person by nature, so supporting the underrepresented and misunderstood are a passion of mine. Kids and animals cannot speak for themselves, so I tend to attempt to be their voice. I am spiritual more than religious, yet I am a Catholic. I believe in family closeness. Kids are the future. And therapy is a powerful tool, that horses ground us, and we control our future. I never allow my clients to say he or she needs to change. I tell them we can all improve, but no one needs to change whom they are at the soul. Come see me because all my clients matter, no the dollar, not the time, but the person.

I have experience with the following
  • Christianity

At A Glance

  • Experience: 1 year of practice
  • Rate: $15 - 110/session


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