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Empowering You to Overcome Relationship Anxiety and Cultivate Healthy, Fulfilling Connections.

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Los Angeles, CA

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About My Clients

In our rapidly changing world, it's common to grapple with life changes, anxiety, or relationship difficulties. You don't need to face these challenges alone. Through therapy, I offer a nurturing place for you to embrace your true self, within a secure therapeutic connection where your voice is heard, your experiences understood, and your well-being cared for. My approach is warm and collaborative, ensuring we journey together towards discovering solutions that align with your unique needs.

My Background and Approach

I hold a master's degree in clinical psychology. My expertise lies in guiding individuals through life transitions, relationship challenges, boundary setting, anxiety management, and enhancing self-esteem. I'm passionate about helping you cultivate greater confidence and self-worth in yourself and your relationships. Our therapeutic journey starts with a deep dive into your family dynamics and past romantic experiences. This exploration allows us to unearth the roots of your unique personality and the messages you've absorbed about intimacy throughout your life. Together, we'll uncover the elements that make you feel secure and at ease within relationships, paving the way for more fulfilling connections. We'll explore effective communication techniques, empowering you to confidently articulate your needs. When appropriate, I may suggest involving your partner in sessions, providing a platform to tackle challenges and anxieties head-on.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I hold a profound belief in the limitless potential for growth and transformation in every individual's life journey. I see mental health issues as learned behaviors, often acquired as coping mechanisms along the way. This means that I firmly believe that with the right guidance, you can unlearn these patterns and replace them with healthier, more adaptive ones. My practice is rooted in inclusivity and acceptance. I do not discriminate against anyone, and I actively engage in marches and community actions to support the LGBTQ community. If you're seeking support and a safe space to explore personal growth, break free from unhealthy behaviors, and cultivate positive change, please feel free to reach out. I'm here to help you embark on your journey toward a happier, more fulfilling life.

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  • Experience: Less than a year
  • Rate: $200 - 250/session

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