Evan Honerkamp

MA, LPCC, Provisional Registered Art Therapist,

Hello! Queer art therapist, here, with a huge heart, activist mind, and welcoming spirit geared to help you walk the journey right for YOU.

Art Therapist in Denver, CO

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About My Clients

Each of my clients -teenage to elder age- find themselves within the LGBTQAI spectrum, and much of their therapy is colored by Queer-lived gifts and hardships. Improving relationships, finding stigma-free resources and clinics, uncovering sexuality, healing past traumas, and learning self-care is just a bit of the work that happens in the therapy room. They are courageous, honest, motivated, and are eager to find ways to own their personal power to take their work into the world.

My Background and Approach

I have a background in the visual arts, mindfulness and behaviorism that I meld in my work with youth and adults. I received my master's degree in clinical mental health counseling and transpersonal art therapy from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, and my bachelor's degree in studio art at Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri. My therapeutic career began in behavior intervention in Missouri helping young adults with Autism who struggled with harmful behaviors and learning important life skills. I relocated to Colorado in 2013, where I've since broadened my therapeutic work with all ages to help people better understand their emotions and thoughts --the stuff that influences every behavior. My approach to therapy combines art-making, insight and mindfulness, and a person-centered relationship with you. Rather than providing you with 'all the answers', you will have my support in building a more resilient version of you through trust, curiosity, courage and self-compassion.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

Mental health is a necessity, not a luxury. I believe everyone should have a witness to their challenges and triumphs, without judgment, prejudice or therapists' agenda complicating the healing process. Need ideas for self-care? Want truer words for your pain? Seeking solid community resources? Wish for your therapist to engage in their own therapy, check their privilege, level the power dynamic? I hold myself to helping you find these answers. With my unique training in mindfulness and therapeutic art-making, I can help reunite you with your innate wisdom from more novel directions. Remember this: My sole purpose is to craft with you a personal toolbox to help you become more resilient in your daily life. Want to know more about me? I love the Colorado sun. My open relationship with electronic music satisfies me. I'm definitely a Virgo-Libra cusper. There's always a canvas ready to be painted on my easel. And I could stand to cut back a bit on all the ice cream.

I have experience with the following
  • Buddhism
  • Christianity
  • Wicca/Paganism

At A Glance

  • Experience: 3 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $75 - 120/session


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