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I work with clients experiencing anxiety, depression, body image/eating concerns, and often coming from critical/adverse family experiences.

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About My Clients

I work with clients who often experienced a negative family environment, which left them feeling rejected, alone, worthless, inadequate, powerless, not good enough, ashamed, hopeless, unlovable, or traumatized. Perhaps you had parents who were critical, demanding, non-accepting, controlling, narcissistic, alcoholic, or abusive. Or perhaps your parents were distant, detached, and not around. In your current life, you may struggle with depression, anxiety, relationship problems, or body image/ED.

My Background and Approach

When you grow up in a negative family environment, many of your core emotional needs are not met - needs for love, affection, acceptance, belonging, safety, autonomy, healthy attachments, freedom to express your needs and emotions. These unmet needs lead to the development of negative beliefs about yourself & others - for instance, that you are unlovable or unworthy, that you are defective, that others will abuse and mistreat you, that you don’t belong, that you’re a failure or not good enough, etc. While these beliefs may be unconscious and you may be unaware of them on a day to day basis, they manifest themselves as depression, anxiety, and relational problems in your current life. I use therapeutic approaches that are specifically designed to help you identify these beliefs, understand their origin and how they impact your current life, and process your past experiences on a deep level that helps you heal from them, build a healthier view of yourself, and form better relationships.

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At A Glance

  • Experience: 14 years of practice
  • Languages: English


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