Ellen Faulkner

Ph.D., NCPsyA

I’m Ellen Faulkner, a psychoanalyst who’s been in practice for almost 37 years. I Find great joy in the work I do and people I work with.

Psychoanalyst in Chalfont, PA

  • Individual
  • Couples
  • Adolescent/Teen

About My Clients

Are you struggling in a marriage that has lost its way? Has there been infidelity, or conflict around money or around child rearing practices or around life transitions such as retirement? I can help. Are you suffering with depression, anxiety, family conflicts, parenting issues, I can help you with those issues. Are you a member of the adoption triangle or suffering with an eating disorder or have a family member who is? I have expertise in these areas.

My Background and Approach

My background is in psychoanalysis, this means that when I help you we dig deep into family history, relationship history, and other patterns that have made up your life. Through this work we address the issues that you are dealing with and through awareness have more control over understanding yourself and the decisions that you make. You’ll find that you have more control over how your life proceeds. If you are suffering with depression or anxiety we will get to the root cause of it so that when tools and guidance are introduced there will be a strong foundation to help you heal. In couples you’ll learn how to communicate and create new patterns by first looking at the relationships in your past and then your family history. Working with couples I like to see each individual by themselves and then together as a couple in a rotating fashion. This creates a powerful impact and helps the therapy move along more quickly. My approach is kind, supportive and welcoming.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I am a believer in social justice and equal rights. I have supported and advocated issues around humanist causes. I care deeply about concerns around women’s rights and educate girls and young women around these issues. I care about our political climate and have deep concerns when it does not honor our original values of equal rights. I served on the board of our local Planned Parenthood for many years and continue to support their advocacy. I also serve on the board at a progressive school in our area which supports kids as they search for their true selves. Probably my most passionate concerns right now are around climate control and for the families and particularly children at the border. I do my best to lend financial support and also continue to spread the word about these issues.

At A Glance

  • Experience: 41 years of practice
  • Rate: $135 - 165/session


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