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I know it's hard to connect when your social anxiety acts up. I help people from diverse communities find success in work and relationships.

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About My Clients

You want to cope with your anxiety and feel secure in your relationships. So what gets in the way? You're afraid of confrontation, so you avoid talking about what's bothering you. This makes saying "no" really hard, so you end up putting other people's needs first. You do this because, deep down, you worry a lot about being rejected. I know exactly what you're feeling--I understand how hard it is to connect when you struggle with social anxiety. But everyone deserves to find love and happiness.

My Background and Approach

I've dedicated my life to helping people feel confident and fulfilled in their relationships, using my personal experience and evidence-based methods that work. I earned my doctorate from Rutgers University, where I focused on multicultural psychology, anxiety, and trauma. I originally came from Puerto Rico for my education, and ended up staying and working in New York City (Krispy Kremes *may* have played a role). My approach is direct, conversational, and collaborative, grounded in the best approaches, yet tailored to your specific needs. Sometimes how we behave contradicts how we really feel, and you and I will work together to help you understand the anxiety that fuels your behavior, so you can learn to control it, and have more choices in how you respond to problems. While we work together to hold you accountable to your goals, we also use your feedback to measure the efficacy of the therapy. Research shows doing that makes therapy more effective, and better suited to you.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

As a Puerto Rican psychologist, I devote myself in my writing and activism to addressing racial injustice at the community and public policy level. I'm a liaison to the American Psychological Association on racial and ethnic minority issues, and an activist-scholar in the Nuyorican scene in New York City. As an assistant professor at a school of medicine and a department of psychology, I'm heavily involved in multicultural training, and recruitment and retention of trainees of color--we have to pay it forward. I work from an intersectional perspective, and strongly believe that caring about your community also means those who are gender and sexual minorities. As a cisgender straight man, I believe that ally-ship to LGBTQIA individuals is not something I can just "claim" for myself, but must earn from those most affected. In my off-time, I'm a avid gamer, and perform as a spoken word artist. Putting that last piece out there because Google is a thing--let's not kid ourselves.

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At A Glance

  • Experience: 4 years of practice
  • Languages: English, Español


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