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Outside of session, you’ll catch me obsessing over my frenchie, cleaning endless messes, doing yoga & drinking bottomless cups of coffee.

Social Worker in Cleveland, OH

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About My Clients

People Pleasers are my cup of tea - especially if they tend to let loose through drinking. Despite being sweet, charismatic and successful, life can be really hard. When they first come in, they feel confused about their role in life unless they are bending to everyone’s will. Even though they strive to make all these people happy, they have this inescapable sense of guilt about not doing enough.

My Background and Approach

If you wouldv’e met me during undergrad though, you would have met another version of me. The me who was a scatterbrained, overscheduled, overacheiver, who couldn’t say no to anything or anyone. By the end,I could barely muster up the effort to grab coffee in order to make it out for dancing and drinks downtown. As the chaotically busy years went by, I was running out of energy and isolating from everything. People pleasing snuck its way into every aspect of my life to the point that I could barely recognize what I genuinely wanted. Nothing I did ever felt like enough. After I found my therapist, I steadily worked on getting to the root of this. I wish I knew sooner how much it would transform my life. Seeing my life improve so durastically motivated me to work with other women who were socialized to stay small, be polite, and be a helper. Now that I’ve talked about myself enough, let’s take some time to chat about you. Give my a call or text to set up a free consult at 216-302-

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I believe that therapy is more than just learning coping skills. I've been there and done that - with little REAL change. I know that the reason we people please and cope with alcohol runs deeper than just not being able to manage stress, which is why I dedicated so much time to understanding trauma responses and how to heal from the past! LGBT friendly and welcoming to all!

At A Glance

  • Experience: 5 years of practice
  • Rate: $125 - 175/session


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