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At the core of my practice is the belief that "Just because I think something, doesn't necessarily mean it's true". Let's get to work!

Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Washington

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About My Clients

Does it feel like you're at war with your own mind? That negative thoughts about yourself, your experience, and your world pop into your head seemingly out of nowhere and these thoughts make you feel bad. We call these automatic thoughts and I can help arm you with tools to fight back! Because if we have to live in our heads for our entire lives, might as well make it a nice place to live. I look forward to working with you on taking control of your life.

My Background and Approach

Throughout my over 12 years experience in the mental health field, I have worked with various populations ranging from adolescents struggling with substance use to adults in homeless shelters and most recently, adults with severe mental illness in a correctional setting. My focus with all clients, no matter the population, is to meet them where they're at and build from there. We'll discuss what happens to your mind when you are depressed, anxious and stressed and utilize tools to help you confront the emotions that are paralyzing you from taking action in your life.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I was raised in the projects in The Bronx, New York, often believing that there was no way out. That my life trajectory had been set due to my circumstances. This led me to my first stint in mental health counseling as a teenager lost and confused as to how to better my life. Through hard work in counseling and a different mindset, I was able to persevere. These experiences illuminated to me the power of the mind to either work for you or against you and thus, set me on my career path. Overcoming adversity instilled in me a passion to help others navigate challenging moments in their lives. It also helped me believe that no matter the darkness, if you put in the work, it truly does get better!

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At A Glance

  • Experience: 13 years of practice
  • Languages: English, EspaƱol
  • Rate: $140/session

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