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I help stressed out adults feel more in control, better able to cope with thoughts, feelings, & problems, and live more fulfilling lives.

Clinical Psychologist in Brooklyn, NY

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About My Clients

My clients are struggling to find calm, peace, and joy in their lives. Have you been told that you're "too sensitive," they think too much, or that you just need to relax? I specialize in helping clients manage stress, anxiety, and OCD by teaching you to be more mindful and present. This empowers you to make better decisions, solve problems creatively, communicate clearly, and believe that you actually have a choice in the kind of life you get to live.

My Background and Approach

My education taught me the most effective research-based tools to help you manage problems in life. From learning to identify and express your emotions, to learning how to relax in or manage stressful situations, to practicing mindfulness and meditation for personal growth and development. I have tons of worksheets and resources to help you grow and "be the best version of yourself" (in quotes because it's cliche but can be true!) As a person, I am warm, open, accepting, and nonjudgmental. I value kindness, curiosity, respect, and compassion - for you just as much as for others. As pleasant as I am, I also get things done and can help you learn to do the same.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I want to help you live your best life. That doesn’t mean it will always be easy or that you’ll always be happy, but it does mean you’ll no longer feel dependent on the weather or your mood to get you through the day or accomplish the things that are most important to you. The strategies we’ll practice together will expand how you see the world and open up so many more choices for living in it. The only thing you need to get started is the willingness to move forward and try new things (or get back to doing old things but with extra accountability). Schedule a free 15-minute consultation to see if we're a good fit.

I offer online counseling in the following states:

At A Glance

  • Experience: 4 years of practice
  • Languages: Русский


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