How Therapy Can Help Overcome the Sleeping Issue

Misba Shah on Nov 03, 2022 in Treatment Orientation


Sleep is an essential part of your everyday routine. It allows your body to rest and heal and gives you the energy you need to face the next day. However, for some people, sleep can be elusive. This can be due to various factors, including stress, anxiety, depression, or other medical conditions. Therapy can help overcome these issues and allow you to get the peaceful night's sleep you deserve.

The importance of sleep

Sleep is vital for our physical and mental health. It helps to restore our energy levels, repair damaged cells and tissues, and consolidate memories from the day before. If we don't sleep well, we are more likely to develop serious illnesses such as obesity, heart disease, and stroke. Thus, we must get sufficient good-quality sleep every night. One reason therapy can help overcome sleeping issues is that it allows us to address the underlying emotional problems that cause insomnia. Often, insomnia is caused by unresolved emotional issues, and therapy will enable us to work through them. Without enough quality sleep, we are more prone to illness both physically and mentally — as well as being less productive at work or school.


If you're having trouble sleeping, consider seeking a professional counselor. A therapist could offer you support and advice as you learn how to cope with your emotional issues, ultimately improving your ability to catch a few more hours of rest.

If you are struggling with sleeping issues, we highly recommend that you do not delay connecting with a sleep counseling therapist. If you are a psychologist who wants to specialize in sleep counseling, then we would recommend PROS Sleep Counseling Certification.

Misba Shah is a Psychotherapist in Mumbai, ME.

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