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I am a counselor in Tyler, TX who works with pre-teens to adults. I have a passion for working with eating disorders and trauma.

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in Tyler, TX

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About My Clients

Through both my professional and personal experience, I have developed a passion for working with adolescents and young adults (including their support members) in both an individual and group setting, who are struggling with self-esteem issues, body distortions, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and trauma. Experiencing emotions mentally and physically can be troublesome and life-altering, and I look forward to helping you learn skills to honor your or your loved ones experiences.

My Background and Approach

During earning my MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, I completed my internship at Behavioral Health Center in Tyler, Texas where I worked primarily with mood disorders, such as depression and anxiety. Since becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor, I have worked in Tyler, Texas with eating disorders and trauma in an outpatient private practice setting and with sexual assault as a sexual assault counselor in a non-profit setting. I also provide virtual sessions to individuals in multiple cities throughout Texas. In my work, I really value making clients part of their recovery. It is my goal to provide a safe space for you to be able to voice your desires, concerns, and current/desired skills. In sessions, we will practice how to become one with our bodies and identify/label emotions and physical experiences. I believe incorporating your support team into your recovery (when appropriate) is critical, so I will bring in parents or loved ones to practice skills hands-on.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I am an avid believer that everyone needs help at some point in their lives, whether it is for a big life event or daily stresses. I am here to help create a safe place for you to be able to process hardships and celebrate successes. I am an advocate for the Health and Every Size movement, which is a holistic approach that supports people of all sizes in adopting healthy behaviors. I am a supporter of all bodies and lifestyles being celebrated, accepted, and understood. If there is something I am not well versed in that is important to you, such as sexual orientation, systemic oppression, or religion, I will inquire and ask questions to learn more about the topic. I will also do my own work outside of the session to make sure I am able to be present with you. I will always encourage clients to try out different providers to see who is the best fit for them and I support clients in being part of their own recovery process.

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At A Glance

  • Experience: 3 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $80 - 180/session


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