Arielle Fettman (she/her/hers)


In addition to an LMFTI, I identify as a mother, a partner, a divorcee, a co-parent, and as a member of the queer community.

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Intern in Portland, OR
Supervised by Kindra Carroll LCSW

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About My Clients

During a break-up, divorce, or separation, the variety and intensity of emotion can be overwhelming. One minute you find yourself feeling so deeply sad and full of remorse, and the next moment you are full of rage and have difficulty containing your anger. You are bombarded with an endless stream of thoughts… How did I get here? Where did things go wrong? What if this or that had (or hadn’t) happened? What about the kids? How will they handle this? Why is this happening?

My Background and Approach

My transition into private practice was largely motivated by my desire to work more specifically with families and individuals around relationship difficulties including break-ups, separation, divorce, co-parenting, and blended families. My interest in this area was initially influenced by my own experiences with divorce and co-parenting and has evolved into a passion for assisting people in acknowledging and enacting aspects of self-compassion, personal growth, and issues of identity. I have found that Internal Family Systems (IFS), or "parts work", lends itself well to addressing these aspects of relationship transition. An evidence-based practice, IFS suggests that individuals are made up of various "parts," and we are not one unitary identity as we often view ourselves to be. For more information on IFS and my approach, please visit my website.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I am an advocate for a “queering of the family,” or assisting my clients in creating a family form that works for every member, even if that form exists outside of the norm. There is no denying that families in our culture are held up to an idealized norm that is heterosexual, nuclear, and “intact.” A lot of the literature you will find on divorce, co-parenting, and blended families assume that anything outside of this norm is inferior at best, and downright damaging at worst. I disagree with this view. I believe that families can exist in all different shapes, sizes, and orientations and not only be functional, but can offer children and other family members opportunities for unique personal growth, pride, self-confidence, and security. You are not powerless over the future of your family even when you have little control. When it comes to restructuring your family, you can be creative. I welcome the opportunity to nurture your creativity.

At A Glance

  • Experience: 3 years of practice
  • Rate: $95 - 105/session


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