T.Lee Shostack (She | They | Zee)

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I mostly work with adults especially college students, people looking for HAES / fat liberation, theatre folk, life transitions, and LGBTQ+

Clinical Social Worker in Massachusetts

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About My Clients

Is the Anxiety Creature in charge in your life? Have you been told being fat means you are a problem? Are you in college or grad school? Do you need help navigating human relationships of any kind? I work best with people who want to do something different and possibly creative, grow emotionally, develop new ways to respond to challenging situations, and create lives we want to live.

My Background and Approach

I have years of experience in community mental health/substance/trauma/medical social work/diagnosis-led problem-oriented treatment. I am also a member of Boston Liberation Health, where “health” is more than the absence of disease. We are committed to addressing the personal, cultural, and institutional barriers that prevent us from being healthy. I link immediate issues (physical, emotional, and community health) to larger societal structures as well as dominant worldview messages. I am an Ambassador for Narrative Therapy Worldview with the Narrative Training Institute, creating socially just, collaborative, transparent, and accountable work. I am passionate about helping clients become more creative choice makers, and believe that participating in building communities helps to reshape and redefine our relationship to emotional and physical pain through the power of creating developmental environments together. I use methods that I have found help people to do what they want

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

*People Are Social Beings*// Individuals are the focus of psychology. However, we humans are social beings—relational and part of something larger than ourselves. *People Are Performers*// Theatre does a better job of capturing human relationships than psychology. Performance—using the stage of life—is key to our emotional, social and intellectual lives, and taps into the human capacity to work, play, learn, teach, and create with others. *People are Revolutionaries*// Human beings are both determined by circumstances (what is) and have the capacity to transform circumstances into something new (becoming) I identify as fat, chronically ill, Jewish, queer, a small business owner, a radical left progressive person, and all of my intersecting identities influence my values and beliefs.

I offer online counseling in the following states:

At A Glance

  • Experience: 8 years of practice
  • Rate: $150 - 200/session

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