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I help women who struggle with people pleasing, emotional eating, social anxiety, or self esteem feel secure deep in their bones.

Marriage & Family Therapist in Pleasant Hill, CA

Contributor to Planned Parenthood
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About My Clients

Does the fear of judgment darken every corner of your life? Do you worry about your looks, your work performance, your social skills, your skills as a parent or in romantic relationships? I know how it feels. I used to stress and strive to be thin enough, smart enough, funny enough, kind enough, successful enough... And it was *never* enough. I was so fortunate to discover a process that really did work though. And it is my joy to share it with my clients.

My Background and Approach

The basis of my work comes from studies on how parents instill security in their kids. I've discovered how to apply this research WITHIN, so that you can give yourself the security you've always wanted and needed. And it works. I've experienced it directly and used it with hundreds of clients. Clients tell me, "I've never had therapy like this before. I heard the cliché, 'just love yourself,' but I had no idea *how* to do that till now. I feel sooo good." My job is to give you clear steps to follow so you know exactly how love yourself (and feel truly loved) in a way that builds a deep sense of security. When you feel deeply loved and accepted from within, you no longer have anything to prove. The fear of judgment becomes a non issue because you no longer need approval from outside.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I used to think I would feel worthy through my achievements and my appearance. I confused value with approval and admiration. While admiration felt good, it never helped my insecurity. What I know now is that we feel valued when we are deeply loved for who we are, not what we do or how we look. What I know now is that we can learn how give ourselves a very specific kind of love that actually does work to instill security. You may not have grown up feeling secure, but you can become secure - feeling deeply worthwhile and lovable - starting now. I would love to show you how. You can visit my website to learn more or call for a free consultation.

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  • Experience: 15 years of practice
  • Languages: English


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