Carmen Schmidt Benedetti (she/her)

LMFT, MA in Counseling (Marriage and Family Therapy)
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Working with individual adults to process past or recent trauma and stressful experiences and/or who are HSPs (Highly Sensitive Persons).

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Santa Rosa, CA


About My Clients

On the outside you look like you have it all together, but inside you struggle or feel lost. You feel "broken" or not good enough. You experience your feelings deeply. You are in-tune with the emotions and needs of others, but tend put them before yourself. You might feel uncomfortable in or disconnected from your body. You don't trust yourself and/or others. You have done some healing, have awareness and insight about yourself, but feel stuck on how to move forward.

My Background and Approach

You want to find balance and peace in your life and look back on the past or other difficult experiences without the same intensity. You want to be able to trust yourself and your relationships. You want to feel safe in the world. You want to feel calm and secure. You want something to be different and are ready to put in effort to make changes. I guide clients to reduce overwhelm, increase self-awareness, recognize needs and use strengths to their advantage. As a Certified EMDR therapist I support folks in working through traumatic/stressful experiences. Through a collaborative approach, I use education to help clients feel grounded and stable. You will also develop strategies to help manage overwhelming emotions. We'll explore your internal system to better understand your reactions and ways to deal with them. In working through your trauma or stressful experiences you can start to feel free to be your genuine self without past experiences, fears or anxieties to hold you back.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I believe your unhelpful reactions and defenses are adaptive responses to situations and environments you were in. These strategies (avoidance, perfectionism, denial, need for control, self-judgement, etc.) likely developed as a way to protect you and survive the circumstances at the time in the only way you knew how. I believe you deserve to heal and for you to feel worthy of healing too. I believe you CAN heal if you are willing to be honest and put effort toward making change. I believe this to be true because I've seen in happen in collaborating in this process with clients, even when they didn't initially believe it themselves.

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At A Glance

  • Experience: 16 years of practice
  • Rate: $180 - 270/session


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