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Healing is possible. I specialize in helping people with depression, extreme states, or suicidal ideation create the lives they want.

Licensed Professional Counselor in Milwaukee, WI

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About My Clients

People often begin therapy with a sense of doubt or even hopelessness that their lives can improve, but deep healing is possible. Issues I can help with are: depression, hearing intrusive voices, having unusual beliefs that scare you, elevated moods that leave you feeling edgy, anxiety/fear, feeling “shut down” physically, socially, or verbally, post trauma reactions, including traumatic hospitalization experiences, thoughts of wanting to die, and coping with inner restlessness (akathisia.)

My Background and Approach

As an outcome focused counselor, I will regularly get feedback from you, so that together we can track what’s working well and what we might want to change to get you the results you crave. Therapeutic results are best when we work as a team. Although, I’m trained in evidence-based approaches, research shows these techniques only account for about 15% of the results in the therapy. Our relationship and my ability to learn your ideas about personal growth and help you implement them account for the vast majority of results. Some unique offerings that I have are board-certification in dance/movement therapy, training in body-centered techniques, Hearing Voices Network approaches, administering the Maastricht Interview for Voice Hearers, and the Alternatives to Suicide model. These approaches help people to connect their experiences of suffering to their own inner wisdom and promote personal meaning-making, instead of relying on medical models of understanding.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

Recovery from experiences often labeled psychosis, mania, and depression is possible with or without medication. Though often distressing, many people report that successfully working through these experiences has brought them to states of greater well being and meaning than they felt prior. Experiences of trauma and systemic oppression impact our mental health and ability to access personalized support. Policing, involuntary hospitalization, and the medical model of mental health treatment often cause harm to those who come into contact with them. I support funding alternatives such as community crisis response, peer respite houses, and peer support services. Please let me know if you are experiencing financial hardship, I have a few slots open at reduced fees.

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  • Experience: 9 years of practice
  • Languages: English


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